Feature Interview: Princess Ashley – Anniversary Edition

by Michael Smith
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It is truly one of the most rewarding aspects of what I do here online that I have the distinct privilege of interacting with women like Princess Ashley every day.  This is my 3rd interview with the stunning beauty, and each time I feature her, I fall a little more under her spell.  She is obviously a perfect 10 in every facet of what we might define a woman’s beauty by, but more than that, Princess Ashley is a woman who clearly understands exactly how we men think, and how to best control us.  I love her clips, love the way she wraps men around her finger and seduces through domination, and I love every chance I have to exist within her world and serve her purposes. 

So without further rambling about how infatuated I am with the gorgeous Princess, please allow me to let Princess Ashley enlighten you all about her extraordinary year as one of the fastest rising Dommes of all!

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slaveboysmith: It’s my great pleasure to once again welcome the wonderful Princess Ashley. Princess, this will be my third chance to interview you, and honestly, I could never get tired of this amazing privilege 🙂

Princess Ashley: You boys can never get enough of Me and who could blame you!

sbs: That is most definitely true and would explain your dominance this past year! It’s been about that long since the very first time I interviewed you. What would be the one thing you would say has changed the most in your world as the perfect spoiled Princess?

PA: Well a lot has changed in the past year. I moved to another state, acquired even more loser-money, and made some amazing friends and acquaintances in the industry. Life is great and it keeps getting better every day!

sbs: At the risk of accusing you of being overly modest Princess, should we also mention that you’ve consistently appeared on the Top Seller list at iWantClips, you’re currently at #18 as a Top Studio at Kinkbomb, and your Clips4sale store consistently has entries on various Top lists? I think it’s safe to say you’ve reached the upper echelon of Femdom Goddesses, wouldn’t you agree?

PA: Definitely! It didn’t take long at all for Me to rise to the top. The first time you interviewed Me was less than 2 months after I started and even back then I had a decent following. I knew that I was on My way to becoming a top Domme so I upgraded My filming equipment and started producing more content. I even surprised Myself with how much I loved making clips – and the orders just keep pouring in! Fast forward a few months and just look at where I am! Every day I see new Ashley addicts in the making. Things are only going to get better, too. I love seeing My progress and setting My sights on the future.

sbs: If I may be so bold as to state a lack of surprise given how perfectly beautiful, dangerously manipulative and seductively creative you are, Princess? Speaking as one who has enjoyed many of your clips, your work is remarkable and you are irresistible.

PA: I don’t think anyone is surprised by My success. I love what I do and I am a natural. Beautiful, dominant, intelligent – triple threat and total package 🙂

sbs: Indeed you are. This may be putting you on the spot a little, and if so, I apologize, but of all the sexy clips you’ve produced this year, is there one that you’re most proud of? In other words, is there one Princess Ashley clip that no self-respecting slaveboy should be without?

PA: There are so many that I consider essential and good boys should be buying most, if not all, of My clips. I’ll go ahead and name a few recent ones though – You Need Me, Humiliating Ass and Pussy Worship for Losers, and Feed My Greed. I recommend that slaves who discovered Me recently go back and explore My older clips since there really are too many to name. I’m going to start tweeting “Throwback Thursday” clip recommendations of the day so losers can discover or re-visit clips I released last year or earlier this year. Be on the lookout for that and of course I expect you to retweet and promote them!

sbs: You know that I will Princess! I do love promoting you and serving your needs. Every clip of yours I’ve bought has become an instant favourite.

PA: My stores are also full of hot Double Domme clips. How could any loser pass up being ordered around or humiliated by Me and My sexy friends!?

sbs: Funny you mention that, Princess. My next question was going to be about an increased emphasis on clips with other Dommes. I know that seeing you work with some of the hottest women in Femdom by your side is quite intoxicating for us slaves. Who have you worked closely with that you have enjoyed getting closer with over the past year?

PA: Every Domme I’ve filmed with has been truly awesome. During AVNs I filmed with Jasmine Mendez aka the Laughing Latina, Bratty Nikki, Bratty Bunny, London Lix, Princess Lexie, and Princess Lacey. You probably remember that from our last interview. I mean, how could you forget!? Link that here for losers who aren’t up to speed on that.

sbs: That feature left a mark on my slave psyche, Princess 😉 Such a collection of perfect women in one location…and I wasn’t there. You do keep close with some extraordinary women! And yes Princess, I will most definitely link in that feature.

PA: I also filmed with Goddess Lindsey right after AVNs when she came to stay with Me for a week. Bratty Nikki also came out that same week and the 3 of us partied like crazy and still managed to film a few clips! I have definitely formed the closest relationships with those 2 lovely ladies. Bratty Nikki was just here in Vegas visiting Me a few weeks ago for the 4th or 5th time this year. We had such a blast shopping, eating, drinking, and filming. We always have such a great time together and even when we do “work” it never feels that way. We are already plotting our next visit so losers beware! 😀 $$$ And let’s not forget Princess Breanna! She lives in the same city so her and I get together for dinner, drinks and clubbing at least once a month. She is a great friend and so stunning. We have only filmed together once but I look forward to more shoots in the future 🙂 I also just found out Goddess Kayla Jane Danger lives less that 5 minutes from Me so look out for us as a duo too!

sbs: Where to begin?? Your ass worship clips with you and Goddess Lindsey were devastating to any man who viewed them! What absolute perfection!! Princess Nikki…I think you know how I feel about her, and how devoted I am to serving her. When you two film together, it’s heaven for me! I think I speak for all slaves when I say we would LOVE to see more of you with Princess Breanna and Goddess Kayla Jane. Two remarkable women. I may need a cold shower when we’re finished this interview…and another credit card to go buy more clips!

PA: Yes, yes. Another credit card will definitely be needed!

sbs: I won’t be the only man saying that after they finish reading this feature and exploring your world, Princess. In addition to dominating clip sales and networking with some other incredible Dommes, I understand that this past year has also seen you expand your influence over your slaves to include r/t meets of various types. What can you tell me about what I’m missing living so far away from you Princess?

PA: This year I have met with 3 slaves in person. (All who have loyally served Me for months and spent considerable dough, so randoms don’t get any ideas!) I did 2 cash meet-ups that included a meal or coffee but My favorite was the $10k filming and findom session with My top ass slave. Now THAT was fun! $$$$$

sbs: Watching you on video is an experience that impacts on any slave, I can only imagine the experience of being in your perfect presence. Just to be clear, this type of session is only possible once a slave has proven their value to you, correct?

PA: Yes. They must be loyal, trustworthy, and have cash to spend. I don’t meet up with losers who are cheap, annoying, needy or rude. Being on My radar for at least 3 months and having spent thousands is a starting point for discussing R/T sessions, nothing less will do.

sbs: You deserve only the most loyal and obedient paying slaves, Princess. Wow…this really has been quite the year for you? Have we missed anything?

PA: That about covers it – keep worshiping and spending! And don’t forget that @iWantClips is always My preferred clip site. If you don’t already have an account with them, you are missing out! Signing up is free and there are so many great benefits such as access to PTV mail and instant streaming of clips.

sbs: I will be sure to include links to every way those reading this feature can spoil you, enter your world of Financial Domination and pay tribute to your perfection, Princess. Thank you again for the privilege of kneeling before you today and learning a little more about your amazing rise to the top!

PA: I look forward to seeing the final product!

sbs: I will give it my full attention and best efforts Princess. Was I correct to assume you wished me to kneel as I conducted this interview? I neglected to ask.

PA: Always! Haven’t you seen “On Your Knees for Princess”??

sbs: I have, and it obviously trained me well 🙂 Must watch for any slave hoping to exist in your world, Princess. Thank you again for taking the time to do this. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I am in awe of you constantly.

As you can see clearly, Princess Ashley has no problem keeping this slaveboy in line lol.  Are you ready to explore her world even farther? Her clips are amazing, and she just keeps getting more and more irresistible with every exposure you have.  Enjoy this rare blend of perfect beauty, manipulative intellect and cruel domination.  Welcome to Princess Ashley’s world.  This past year has been a helluva a ride and the sky is the limit for this spectacular Domme!

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