Feature Interview – Goddess Bratty Bunny

by Michael Smith
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It’s never enough.  I learned these words from the first moment I fell under the hypnotic and alluring spell of the beautiful, and wickedly cruel, Goddess Bratty Bunny.  She is absolutely insatiable.  No amount of money or gifts or servitude will ever please or satisfy her.  My service to Goddess has been, at times, tumultuous.  She is a very hard woman to please.  But no matter how cruel or cold she was to me, I never could shake the addiction to pleasing her and doing as I’m told by her.  One look at her long, dancer legs and stunningly perfect ass and I was hooked.  She is as beautiful as any woman I have ever laid eyes upon.  For reasons I cannot quite understand, I cannot stop trying to meet her demands…to find a way to give her what she wants…to earn her praise and have her notice my efforts.  I am hopelessly addicted to pleasing her and am so completely thankful that she allowed me to crawl back to her some time ago and resume promoting and serving her needs.  Pleasing her is an impossible task, but living without trying to please her….that was the worst kind of torture any slave could endure.  It’s never enough.  I must accept that, while continuing to strive to give her everything this perfect Goddess deserves.  On her website she promises to empty your wallet, take your dignity and humble any pride you may have.  She warns of the inevitable addiction you will succumb to.  But as one who has fallen under her spell, and cannot release myself from its grip, you will want her more than you could ever fathom.


slaveboysmith:  How long have you been doing this, and how did you become an online dominatrix?

Goddess Bratty Bunny:  Since late 2009. Forums and online fetish sites sparked my interest.

sbs:  Would you say you are naturally dominant, or is it more of a roleplay?

GBB:  I’m definitely a brat and very bitchy in real life. I’m dominant in some aspects of my life.  I am who I am in my online presence and offline.  I’m not hiding.  Just look at my twitter.

sbs:  Some women would say they could do your job in a heartbeat, but it requires far more than saying “give me money or buy me stuff.”  What skills do you think a successful Fin Domme such as yourself needs to have?

GBB:  I haven’t heard anyone say that…. but I think it’s just a specific mind set to deal with guys online. To know what you want and don’t deal with any bullshit. I don’t think it’s easy, but I don’t think it’s hard.

sbs:  Can you explain what makes a man want to be a financial slave? What motivates them to spoil you as they do so easily?

GBB:  That’s easy. I’m a Goddess.  End of story.

sbs:  What are your favorite fetishes to explore with your slaves?

GBB:  Financial Domination. Sissy Training. Hypnosis. Manipulation into being a slave and a good worshiper. Foot/heel fetish. Humiliation. Tease and Denial. Edging and Cock Control. Blue balls/CBT.

sbs:  What is the worst part of being a Financial Domme?

GBB:  Not much to hate about it. You have to deal with a lot of idiots.  That’s mostly it.

sbs:  What is the most money that anyone has ever tributed to you (at one time or cumulatively)?

GBB:  Many thousands of dollars.

sbs:  What is the most expensive thing that you have been able to buy as a result of money from a slave?

GBB:  I just bought a house! This is from my years as a findom/femdom though. Does that count? Sure it counts.

sbs:  Have you met many other Financial Dommes? Is there ever competition over who gets the most slaves, money or gifts?

GBB:  Many. Love all those girls! Naaa. All the lovely women in my fetish life are all very supportive and inspiring of each other.

sbs:  What is the cruelest thing you have ever done to a slave?  

GBB:  Well…. he did it to himself on cam. Put his dick under a bedpost.

sbs:  How many slaves do you currently have “working” for you? 

GBB:  No idea. They come and go all the time. 

sbs:  Would you ever meet a slave in real life?

GBB:  I have. And I would again if they make my time worth it. $$$$$.

sbs:  How do you know when you’ve completely broken someone and are completely in control of them?

GBB:  When they hand over everything to me. $$$$$

sbs: Have any of your clients tried to reverse the power dynamic and top from the bottom with you?

GBB:  Sure.  But they just get ignored and then blocked.

sbs: Are the people in your everyday life aware of what you do?

GBB:  Some do, some don’t. Depends on who.

sbs:  Have you ever been recognized in public? How does the slave react to seeing his ultimate fantasy Domme in person?

GBB:  Nope. But with the slaves I have met in person, they have been pretty speechless.  If anyone recognized me in public, I’m sure they would be too scared to talk to me.

sbs:  Cash or gifts? What type of tribute do You prefer?

GBB:  Both.  Money AND gifts. It’s never enough.

sbs:  What role does Twitter play in your business?

GBB:  Big. It’s personal and professional.

sbs:  Is there anything else You would like to tell your admiring worshipers reading this interview?


Be warned, once you have had your curiosity about Goddess Bratty Bunny peaked, you will inevitably follow the links below and the addiction will take hold.  It is only a matter of time before you experience what I have learned to embrace…a hopeless need to satisfy a perfect greedy Brat Goddess with needs, wishes and desires you will never meet.  Give her everything she demands of you and more.  You have no choice.  It’s your mission to find a way to please and satisfy her.  Perhaps you will be the slave that gives enough…or breaks trying.










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