Feature Interview: Empress Jennifer Pt 2

by Michael Smith
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When I first approached the beautiful Empress Jennifer regarding a feature interview, I will admit I was nervous.  After watching her in action, this is a woman who knows how to use corporal punishment to keep a man in line like few others do! What I discovered in interacting with her was that in addition to being a cruel Bitch Goddess, Empress Jennifer is a wonderful person to chat with, has a genuine sense of humour and truly enjoys what she does. 

At her suggestion, the feature interview we arranged was done with Empress video recording her responses, making it unlike any of my previous interviews.  You can watch the stunning Empress in action in part one of her feature here, and believe me, you don’t want to miss it! The response was so strong to the interview, messages to both Empress and myself, that we decided to do a follow up interview to discuss the reactions of slaves everywhere who clamored to find out more about this intriguing and beautiful woman. 

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slaveboysmith: Joining me today is the very beautiful Empress Jennifer. Empress, it is such a privilege to follow up with you after that sizzling video interview you did for DommeAddiction.com previously. To say that interview set the standard a little higher for future posts for me would be an understatement!

Empress Jennifer: Lol, well setting standards high is a good thing… So you’re welcome!

sbs: I definitely get the sense you set high standards in many ways beginning with how you expect your slaves to behave in your presence. I found the blending of your playful sexiness with a cruel dominance very intoxicating. Judging from the comments I’ve received from others, I’m not alone. Have you had lots of response to the feature you care to comment on?

EJ: You know, I’ve gotten the same reaction. Which isn’t too surprising because I’ve always gotten those type of responses from people. It’s been more interesting though since the interview. Many slaves and fans have expressed that they feel they’ve gotten to know Me better because of it. And since that, My interactions have been more catering to Me and My particular personality; which I really like 🙂

sbs: I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear that! It’s so rewarding when fans respond to the promotion that we aim for in doing such features 🙂 I imagine a few of them took note that if they annoy you, like that fly did, they will be crushed very quickly 😉 Maybe I was the only one that found that symbolic? LOL

EJ: Definitely not! The fly was mentioned by several lol. I thought it would be a good idea to throw that in there… It being so in the moment and real haha

sbs: It was quite the moment and was very revealing that behind the leather-clad Goddess in thigh high boots, there’s a genuine person with a sense of humour and who suffers real life things like having a fly interrupt an interview.

EJ: Haha, yes I am a bit human.

sbs: Superhuman even 😉 And though I know it wasn’t for me, thank you so much for choosing to wear what you did in the interview. Those boots and leather combined are amazing on you Empress!

EJ: I love wearing leather and thigh highs…(hint, hint to slaves)

sbs: We’ll have to be sure to include links to your wishlist and other places admiring slaves can spoil you with this feature as well in case they need reminding. You certainly deserve to be spoiled. You are an amazing woman!

EJ: 🙂 Slaves ALWAYS need reminding. I will also be making more wishlists on other sites for them to go to for even more goodies I find on the net.

sbs: We do tend to be distracted by all the leather and perfection. Please let me know when you do and I’ll be sure to add them to both features Empress. I’m not sure if others believe I have some inside information and that I’m your personal slave, but I have tended to get a lot of questions directed to me that probably should have been asked of you. May I share a few?

EJ: Yes, I’d like to know.

sbs: By the way, I don’t really correct them when they assume I’m your personal slave. Wishful thinking perhaps on my part? 😉

EJ: lol I don’t blame you… you should apply 🙂

sbs: I’m sort of spoken for at the moment, and I don’t know if I could handle what you do with a riding crop. You are as cruel as you are beautiful, but of course you’re giving slaves what they need to learn to serve you perfectly.

EJ: Some get it. Some are learning and some REALLY need more lessons. The only thing is, if they can’t learn quick enough, they get the boot! And not the good boot…the bad boot…the kind where, they don’t get the boot LOL.

sbs: The painful toe of the boot to their balls as opposed to the kind that they get to kiss and worship perhaps? Okay I realized just now that I was going to ask you some of the questions I’ve been getting from others following the posting of your amazing video interview. Firstly, every guy who contacts me seems to want to know if that’s a slavegirl of yours or a fellow Domme that’s in the video reading the questions and helping you out?

EJ: Yes worshiping My boots 🙂 The girl in the video is a sub girl that has wanted to work for Me and she has been part time. She has started as My vanilla assistant but we’ll see how it turns out 🙂

sbs: She’s not visible on screen for long, but several mentions were made that she looks like she would make a very beautiful slavegirl for you Empress. She did sound like she was eager to please you.

EJ: She is always eager to please Me, which is why I allowed her to film the interview for Me. She wanted to know more about this so I graciously shared.

sbs: That’s very intriguing. Perhaps if things proceed well one day I might have the privilege of featuring you with her to discuss her servitude. Will she be making appearances in your clips any time soon Empress?

EJ: No, she won’t be a video slave. But I will have some soon. I am in the process of casting and interviewing the right ones for Me.

sbs: Well speaking as one who thoroughly enjoys when an Alpha dominates another woman, that would be amazing. I look forward to seeing that. Speaking of your sexy boots you wore in the interview, would you rather a slave kisses them or spreads his legs and offers himself to you for ballbusting?

EJ: That depends purely on the slave. Also it depends on My mood LOL I cant lie about that.

sbs: I say this very carefully and respectfully…something tells me that if a slave gets on your wrong side they will pay severely. Am I correct? The rewards of serving are amazing but if they step out of line, I don’t sense you’d be very forgiving of it.

EJ: It’s like this: I love to be happy. I love having fun and laughing… But I am very strict about certain things. This attitude tends to confuse dumb people because I can come across very laid back and vanilla at times… but I have ALWAYS had this side to Me that will come into play if tempted…the side that can and will put people in their places if they do not act right. I am very serious about every area of My life. People need to behave. Everyone needs to fit their circumstances. If you are weak in that, I am strong enough to fix you. If you resist, I know for a fact that I have the ability to use My energy towards it or not.

sbs: What a perfect response and exactly as I expected from you Empress. It has been a privilege to get to know you for both this, and your previous feature. I look forward to more promoting you in the future if you will allow me to. Any final words you wish to leave our readers with that are still drooling over your video feature interview?

EJ: You better promote Me!! LOL As for some final words: It’s simple. Buy Me things, tribute, send notes of genuine adoration… buy clips, promote Me and respect My privacy when I want it. Simple 🙂

sbs: You have my word on that Empress 🙂 Thank you again for allowing me into your world. It’s an intoxicating place to visit for any slave!

The more I get to know Empress Jennifer, the more I want to spend time in her presence.  It sounds like there is much more to come from this stunning Goddess, so be sure to check out all her links and keep track of her amazing work. 






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