Feature Interview: Empress Jennifer

by Michael Smith
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When I first contacted Empress Jennifer about putting together a feature interview with her, I will admit I was more than a little nervous.  Having watched this incredibly beautiful woman in thigh high leather boots wield a riding crop, whip, or just her natural dose of humiliation upon her slaves, I wondered what type of woman I was putting myself out there to.  And while I have no doubt Empress wouldn’t hesitate to beat a disobedient slave into submission, my experience in arranging this feature was absolutely amazing.  At her suggestion,  we are doing something new here to DommeAddiction, and for me as an interviewer, with Empress responding to questions I posed to her via video.  When she asked if that would work, I believe my response was something along the lines of “are you kidding? My readers will LOVE seeing you answer the questions!”  I’m writing this introduction with the full expectation that most of you will not have gotten past the video above and are still dreaming of kneeling down and offering your soul to Empress Jennifer as her slave.  That said, there is more to come with Empress Jennifer, as soon I will have the privilege of asking her some follow up questions that arise from this video feature.  Enjoy a glimpse into the mind of this spectacular beauty, and cruel dominant Goddess.  She is truly one of a kind, and any man would be lucky to call himself property of a woman as perfect as Empress Jennifer.  Enjoy!







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