Clip Review: I Want To Own You Completely – Featuring Goddess Jessica

by Michael Smith
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From the moment Goddess Jessica took control of my cock over two weeks ago, I should have seen the likelihood that she’d own so much more than just my cock as my servitude to her continued.  After 2 weeks of denial training and relentless edging, I was instructed to buy this amazing clip.  I knew Goddess produces clips that are nothing less than extraordinary, but even her past clips couldn’t prepare me for this.  For over 20 minutes I knelt completely captivated by the most beautiful woman you will ever serve.  She teased and tempted.  She instructed to stroke and to punish.  Pleasure and pain blended together as only Goddess Jessica can.  While Goddess Jessica is on a different level than any other Domme I have served in so many ways, what sets her apart most is her ability to use lust and desire to get inside a slave’s head and make him do things he never imagined he would.  This clip is a perfect example as Goddess mixes JOI with CBT and seductive teasing in her own unique style. 
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Once she has you sufficiently desperate, Goddess demands tribute and in your state of arousal it actually enhances the erotic feel of this clip to give her anything she wants.  By the time Goddess moves in for the kill, setting out the conditions of your surrender, if you will, there’s nothing you won’t agree to in order to become her owned little bitch.  I never dreamed of being a collared slave again, but this clip clinched the deal for me and I cannot imagine serving anyone but Goddess Jessica as her property.  As she counted me down, and as 2 weeks of frustration and agony released, Goddess owned me. I am hers. As I licked every drop of my mess from my hand, something I have always thought disgusting previously, I knew I was exactly where I belong, on my knees before the perfect Goddess!
For those who love Goddess Jessica clips, this is a classic.  Obviously it had personal meaning to this slaveboy, but even if you’re not ready to commit to being owned, Goddess Jessica will tease and tempt you in ways no other woman can.  She is relentlessly sexy, overwhelmingly beautiful and completely manipulative.  I’m convinced there is nothing this exquisite Temptress couldn’t make a man do!

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Clip Name: I Want To Own You Completely
Models In The Clip: Goddess Jessica
Date Reviewed: November 10th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $22.99
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