Clip Review: Slave X – Flip Flop Abuse – Featuring Mistress Mandy Flores

by Michael Smith
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In part one of this epic clip series, Slave X: The Beginning, we were introduced to the beginning of 3 days of pain and humiliation for Slave X.  In this, the 2nd installment of the series, gorgeous Mistress Mandy returns from a 2 hour shopping trip.  Slave X has been cuffed to the door the entire time and when Mistress returns she informs her slave that her feet are very tired from shopping and require some slave attention.  He crawls to the couch where he is granted the ultimate privilege of removing Mistress Mandy’s flip flops and massaging her perfect feet.  When asked if they’re dirty at all, slave responds by immediately licking and kissing Mistress’ feet like a good little bitch.  He is told to present his cock to Mistress and he’s clearly aroused by her presence as any man would be.  While he continues to worship her foot, the other foot is used to alternatively tease and play with his cock and then kick it hard enough to make him groan.  This begins a recurring theme in this clip, this entire series in fact, in which Mistress Mandy alternates between cruel abuse and sensual teasing and seduction.  She is the perfect Goddess of duality as she shows off both sides to perfection. 
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After being made to lay on his back, slave is given a chance to earn what he obviously desperately desires, the privilege of cumming, by thoroughly cleaning Mistress Mandy’s dirty flip flops.  While she plays with his cock, he leaks precum like a fountain and is clearly aroused as can be.  When his precum leaks onto Mistress’ foot, she makes him pay the price by stomping his cock and balls and punishing him.  Again, the blending of pleasure and pain by Mistress Mandy is exquisite.  The promise of cumming apparently isn’t enough to motivate slave to properly clean either of Mistress’ flip flops and she’s very disappointed with his efforts.  A vicious beating of his cock and balls ensues as Mistress uses the flip flops to mercilessly punish him.  As slave moans and groans under the attack, Mistress informs him that she’s very angry with his lack of effort and that he is to be put into a “time out” for disappointing her.  As she leans closely and whispers in his ear as she strokes his abused cock, still rock hard of course, Mistress explains that if he would just be a good boy and do exactly as he’s told, she can be a very nice and kind Mistress.  For his poor behaviour, however, Slave X will spend the next 2 hours locked away and ignored.  Perhaps he will learn his lesson.  Tune in to find out in the next review of the third part of this series, Spider Web Gates of Hell coming soon!

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Clip Name: Slave X – Flip Flop Abuse
Models In The Clip: Mistress Mandy Flores
Date Reviewed: November 11th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $14.99
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