Clip Review: Pay For Date Night – Featuring Goddess Kayla Jane

by Michael Smith
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Pay for Date Night

She’s so far out of your league you shouldn’t even consider what it would be like to actually date a perfect woman like Goddess Kayla Jane.  It takes a special kind of real man to be worthy of a women like her.  Where do you fit into this situation? You make yourself useful by being the Alpha couple’s little paying bitch and while they’re out on expensive date nights on your tab, you can watch this clip and know how unworthy you are.  You want to please your Goddess and her man, don’t you slaveboy?
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If you’re a good boy and pay for their luxurious lifestyle befitting their perfection, Goddess will allow you to exist in her world.  Get your wallet ready because every night is date night for Goddess Kayla Jane and her stud.  You can’t imagine how hard it will make you to hear Goddess Kayla Jane describe her perfect relationship and how amazing date nights are for her.  Watch her teasing you in that sexy blue dress, her long legs looking so sexy and long.  A glimpse of her world-class ass and your wallet is drooling as you will beg to pay her bills as she enjoys expensive meals and entertainment with her Alpha.  Bow down before your Superior couple and be useful to them in the only way you can…with your $$$$!

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Clip Name: Pay For Date Night
Models In The Clip: Goddess Kayla Jane
Date Reviewed: November 10th,2015
Where the clip is available: Kinkbomb
Cost of the clip: $13.99
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