Daily Fix: March 22nd 2024 – Featured Sock Smelling Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Goddess Ibicella

Come on, everybody knows you have a foot fetish. It’s not even a secret, your boner yells it at loud hahaha! However, you don’t exist until you become useful… And here we are. Goddess Ibicella is just coming back from a long walk, and you’re craving Her smelly bare feet. You want to worship them ? You better earn the privilege first. Stick your tongue out and get ready to serve Goddess Ibicella like the naughty foot freak you are!

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Miss Feet Wonders

Just got back from the gym, and obviously you are on the floor waiting to sniff the socks of Miss Feet Wonders. Get ready to follow Her instructions.

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Miss Eva

As I make you smell my workout shoes and sweaty socks you realize that there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for my perfect feet. The scent of my perfect Goddess feet is mesmerizing you, and you instantly become my foot bitch.

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Miss Honey Barefeet

Look at you, you are so seriously obsessed about my feet. You would jerk off to anything about my feet and you can’t stop don’t you? Such an obedient foot slut for my soles, such a pervert for my smelly feet. It feels so good spending your time jerking off to my smelly feet. It’s better then sex for you. It’s better then any pussy. Pumping cock and dreaming of my feet in those smelly cotton socks on your face. Your foot loser sex is so intense. You are so deeply addicted. You are so seriously hooked that you can’t stop doing it. Your cock gets hard for my smelly feet and you love this.

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Goddess Gwen

My worn socks are in high demand. Foot freak you are obsessed with these feet. you can’t get enough there is a reason that there is a waitlist for these dirty socks! They are so divine! One whiff and you’re stiff. There’s even a waitlist for my sneakers, one sniff and you’re hooked, addicted. You are enslaved by the sweat of my feet! I am going to duct tape these sneakers to your face and make you walk around all day with my dirty sneakers strpped to yoru face, the scent of my feet stuck in your nostrils. You want my sweaty socks shoved in your mouth, so bad you’d give anything for it! You’d even give up your life just to feel what it feels like to have my sweaty socks pressed up against your face, the smell of my Goddessweat filling your nostrils as you stroke your hard cock as you are filled with ecstasy, you dirty foot boy, you are so obsessed! Stroke that hard cock for my sweaty feet, go on and cum for me! Press that face into these sweaty socks and breathe in the divine scent! You smell that? That is the divine! That’s what slaves all over the world pay to worship!

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