Daily Fix: February 23rd 2024 – Featured Foot Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Princess Mackayla

The feet of Princess Mackayla are the only thing that gets you going. Better than sex. Better than porn. It’s just these luscious soles of Princess Mackayla trampling through your head all day long. There is nothing better than sitting there, eyes glazed over, hand around your dick for them. you’re welcome for the pleasure, foot bitch.

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Lady Mesmeratrix

My feet turn you on so bad that you are focused on them all day long. You want to kiss them, sniff them, stroke your cock on them. My feet made you a feet junkie and you have to admit it to yourself! My feet made you so weak that now you’re ready to do anything for them. Your cock is already hard just by reading these few lines. Enjoy the video, feet junkie!

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Lady Mahogany

I have perfect feet. Perfect ebony feet, making guys forget they ever wish to lick a pussy. Once you see them you want to lick just my feet. I let my virgin slave worship my soft soles and sexy toes with black pedi. He lick on them like crazy but that’s not enough. i make him gagg and suffer with whole mouth full of his favourite treasure.

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Goddess Penelope

You’re such a lucky slave today, you get to worship me in this fabulous outfit. I know you love outfits, and I know you love fishnets. But what do you want to worship more, my ass OR my toes? Both? Of course! I tease you with my ass, then remove my boots and tease you with my feet. NO STROKING until I’ve removed my boots! My perfect pink pedi looks unreal poking through my fishnet tights. You have to wait for permission to stroke, then follow my instructions. Keep pumping it for my ass and toes. I’m absolute perfection and don’t you forget it, you’re privileged to stroke for me right now…I know you want to cum for me.

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Princess Arielle

I know you long to be teased by your Goddess, so eager for Arielle to toy with your denied cock! Make sure you’re LOCKED tight into your cage, it’s time for another steaming hot humiliation session. I can’t help but degrade your sexless little cock! I’ll make sure you NEVER experience sweet release. I want you humping your cage against your pillow as I rot your brain with My top tier tease & denial. No PUSSY, no MASTURBATION .. I want you denied forever! You’re sexless & pussy free for Princess Arielle! The longer I keep you locked the higher your chances of a permanently RUINED dick! It’s an honour to be humiliated & denied by these perfect soles & beautiful face. Your world revolves around the cage, I promise I’ll fuck you all the way up pussy free virgin! 

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