Daily Fix: March 3rd 2024 – Featured Fetish Clothing Clips

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Princess Ceara Lynch

Everything Princess Ceara Lynch need to be the perfect Domme Humiliatrix is on this list. There are the usual staple pieces and accessories like leather gloves, black pantyhose, high heel boots, and black pantyhose. The look isn’t complete though without a fierce dominatrix biker cap and strong sturdy whip, but just putting on the outfit isn’t enough. Sure you can jerk to the look of your powerful Domme standing over you, but wouldn’t you rather have Princess Ceara Lynch ordering you around?

You can buy this amazing clip on the video store of Princess Ceara Lynch.

Mistress Fetish Liza

Watch Mistress Fetish Liza at home with a pile of LEATHER. She love trying on the different garments and get really horny by doing so!

Increase your addiction to Mistress Fetish Liza by downloading this clip from Her video store.

Goddess Taura

You’ve taken me out and agreed to come back to my place after drinks. We both enjoy comfort while we get to know each other a bit more. You’re a complete gentleman and you’re on your best behavior for while. Thank god you jerked off before you came to see me, because you’d be panicking right now if you hadn’t. Confidence is sexy and you’ve identified strongly with dominance, you’d never guess that I’m extremely skilled in the art of seduction.

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Mistress Elis Euryale

Wearing your favorite sissy outfit and your electro chastity cage, you are ready to be penetrated by my fucking machine. Following my instructions, you will increase and decrease the intensity of the e-stim cage, while I show you how I take control of the fucking machine, in order for you to become a very obedient and well-filled sissy. Listen to my mesmerizing voice as I command you: open your mouth and holes, show me your tongue, repeat after me some mesmerizing sentences to rewire your sissy slut brain…

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Lady Victoria Valente

Today I show you again a beautiful velvet fetish movie! I come close to the camera, see my noble velvet outfit from close! I wear black velvet! A black velvet jacket, black velvet leggings and black velvet high heels pumps. You see me in nice posing, I go in high heels. You can also sniff my neck. Take something from velvet and put your cock into the velvet fabric. Cum for your velvet goddess and squirt off on my command, I count then you may cumshot! Enjoy your velvet fetish with me!

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