Daily Fix: December 15th 2023 – Featured Shiny Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Experience a symphony of passion and pleasure in our DailyFix, featuring a curated lineup of Shiny Fetish Clips. Let each artist and clip speak to your desires.

Princess Bratty Nikki

Keep spending, shiny loser!! The richer and shinier Princess Bratty Nikki is, the hotter. The greedier She gets and the more She teases. Princess Bratty Nikki is wearing a shiny $200 wavy metallic blue bikini to make you drool. Her big tits look perfect and enticing as always. Her sexy ass makes shiny look the sexiest you’ve ever seen. Face it, She have a body that just won’t quit! Won’t quit fucking your wallet haha!

You can buy this amazing clip on the video store of Princess Bratty Nikki.

Princess Ashley

My shiny addict can never resist My hot, tight little body in a delectable, curve hugging bodysuit! Just try to stop yourself from buying this clip, I dare you. You never stood a chance against My mesmerizing tits, ass and pussy.

Download this clip on the video store of Princess Ashley.

Goddess Gracie Haze

Shiny makes your dick twitch, you can’t help it! As soon as shiny appears your braincells dissolve. You get so stupid and slutty for shiny! You’re going to be My slutty little gooner! One look at the shine and into a jerking frenzy you go! You can’t take your hand off your cock! PUMP PUMP PUMP while the shine mesmerizes you! You can’t take your eyes off Me. You are going to lose your fucking mind for Me. Forget about the world. Forget about your life. You have a one track mind for shiny gooning!

Buy this exciting clip on the video store of Goddess Gracie Haze.

Goddess Jasmine

Big, shiny, beautiful tits = goofy, stupid, dumb loser! I know how to fuck with you so hard. The temptation is too real. This is insanely HOT, even i was turned on filming this.

Know more by downloading this clip on the video store of Goddess Jasmine.

Goddess Daphne

Try and resist. I dare you.  Of course you’re tempted to buy this clip. You love seeing me in latex, after all. But this clip will fuck up your life.  You shouldn’t buy it. You’ll get addicted to me for life. You’re so susceptible to my powers right now. You’re so weak. You’re sooo horny. If you watch this clip, I’ll take advantage of you, I promise you that. So don’t buy this clip unless you’re ready to be fucked for life!

Increase your addiction to Goddess Daphne by buying this clip from Her video store.

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