Daily Fix: December 26th 2023 – Featured Money Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Fulfil your Money Fetish today! Giving a little feels good. Think how orgasmic it will be when you give a lot. Money Fetish is the ultimate form of worship. Get ready to worship your favourite Dommes!

Goddess Bratty Bunny

There’s something so hot about the greed of Goddess Bratty Bunny. Being so bratty and demanding all your hard earned cash. Drain that wallet, drain the bank account, drain your stocks. Empty out everything to feed Her greed. Goddess Bratty Bunny deserve it all and you know it. She is so hot She can take it all and not care about what you are left with. You love it when She take it and live the life of luxury. Doing whatever She want.

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Goddess Harley LaVey

Spending your hard earned money on personal pleasure can be an intensely erotic and invigorating experience. And what makes pleasure better than sharing it with a beautiful Goddess? The two of us, engaged in a mutually erotic encounter, enjoying a unique kind of sexual pleasure, is one of the MOST intensely orgasmic feelings. But… as you know, a woman of my caliber only truly gets pleased by one thing—money. Your money. But it’s not just for my pleasure. You will soon discover that there is such a liberating feeling in momentarily setting aside practical considerations and embracing the sheer satisfaction of living in the present moment. It’s a confirmation that life is not just about necessities but also about savouring the richness of experiences. Everything from the anticipation leading up to the purchase, the satisfaction during, and the lingering pleasure afterward contribute to a level of bliss you could have only dreamed about having. In those moments, spending money becomes an investment in your own pleasure and happiness.

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Goddess Seira

Listen carefully, I have a dangerous secret that your wife is not aware of. your money belongs to Me, and she doesn’t know how much you are sending to Me. She may find out one day that you have been My money boy. But that doesn’t matter to Me. you will keep working to make money for Me, even if it ruins your relationship with her. you will do exactly as I tell you to do, without question or hesitation.

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Goddess Jasmine

You watched me go from wealth to wealth. Each and every time I brag about my promising financial position, it fuels your horny state and makes you want to do more. Working your worthless ass off for your Goddess was exactly why you was put on this earth. Mindlessly slaving away, working over time, a non existent social life, a virgin status and an acute addiction to me is what your life mounts to. Each and every month you go straight into your overdraft. RED is where you belong and RED keeps you horny and hard. Watching me excel at life, luxurious holidays, copious expensive handbags, multiple properties and I list the really never ends. All whilst you live in squaller..but are you ready to take to the next extreme? I am…but are you piggy?

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Goddess Thealogy

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness has never indulged on their everconsuming findom addiction. Whoever said money can’t buy happiness has never been an effortlessly divine, greed driven woman whose uttermost pinnacle of joy is taking money from men as she makes them stroke their way into absolute fuckery of an addiction to her dominance.
Lucky for us my slut, you are the findom addict and I am the greedy Goddess. We’re match made in heaven and you’ll now pump your cash and cock into absolute annihilation of your financial freedom. Nothing feels as good as giving me everything that you own while indulging on your perverted addiction, am I right?

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Want to please more financially? Visit this page dedicated to Money Fetish Clips. Prove your submission by a proper tribute to your favourite Dommes!

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