Daily Fix: January 5th 2024 – Featured Face Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Are you sexually aroused by Face Fetish Clips? Then this is your lucky day. In our DailyFix, featuring a curated lineup of Face Fetish Clips. Let each artist and clip speak to your desires.

Goddess Crystal Knight

Another day, another easy way to drain you. Here’s your chance to indulge on the pleasure of being ignored while Goddess Crystal Knight read. Such a good loser. Goddess Crystal Knight know you’re going to jerk off to this. You always do.

You can buy this amazing clip on the video store of Goddess Crystal Knight.

Goddess Bratty Bunny

Look me in my eyes. Look deeply. How helpless and weak do you feel when you see me? When you stare at my face? It makes you melt. You makes you feel submissive. Just to look at my perfect face, worship it. Stare deep into my eyes that you go so far down the Bunny hole. My hazel eyes take over your mind, body, and soul. Simple yet so powerful.

Increase your addiction to Goddess Bratty Bunny by downloading this clip from Her video store.

Goddess Nova

My first face worship clip shot in 4K definition… which means you’ll be getting very up close and personal with my mind melting beauty 😉 Strap in. You’re required to watch this clip 5x in a row. You’re completely enthralled by this face. Completely mesmerized. Completely consumed. The longer you stare into these pretty blue eyes, the weaker you grow.

Buy this exciting clip on the video store of Goddess Nova.

Princess Violette

You would never want to see a look of disappointment on a face as pretty as mine. “I want that dress” “I want more money” “I want you to get on your knees and bark like a dog” “Go get me that” “Go fetch me this” Whatever demands I throw your way; You can’t say no. You can’t say no to my face.

Download this clip on the video store of Princess Violette.

Goddess Daphne

My gaze is so powerful.  See for yourself. Look deep into my eyes… and fall. Fall to your knees, fall for my eyes, fall in love. You’ve never felt like this before. So submissive, so entranced, so utterly helpless. Mmm, I like you helpless. I like you weak. You belong on your knees for me, forever.

Know more by buying this clip on the video store of Goddess Daphne.

Immerse yourself in desire as you explore the diverse artists and their tantalizing Face Fetish Clips.

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