Daily Fix: January 12th 2024 – Featured Caning Fantasy Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Are you sexually aroused by the act of a Domme using Her cane on you and dominate you? Then this is your lucky day. In our DailyFix, featuring a curated lineup of Caning Fantasy Clips. Let each artist and clip speak to your desires.

Mistress Dee

You like it hard do you? Well, how about Mistress Dee use Her metal cane on that bare ass of yours.. Watch as the cane of Mistress Dee slices open Her slaves cheeks & leaves him a mess. Do you think you could take it like him? Why don’t you bend over & we will find out.

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Mistress Courtney

My slave looked cold this morning locked in his prison cell. Lets warm him up a little with a Cold Caning… Watch as I command my slave into position, ready to accept his fate and feel the kiss of my cane. Ensuring his bottom and thighs are suitably warmed with my cane, his skin deliciously marked. I lock him away.

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Goddess Serena

The slave is in a supine position with his legs bound in rope at the knees and around his big toes and hoisted up above him to give Goddess Serena the perfect access to his thighs as she lays waste to them with her thick, unforgiving bamboo cane. The screams of the slave do nothing to dissuade Her as she continues to produce startlingly obvious precise red cane marks along his thighs until she is pleased.  Goddess Serena then lowers the slave’s legs down so he is bent at the knee with his feet (still tied at the toes) bent backwards towards him, providing Herself another perfect target to enact her sadism upon. The slave is made to endure bastinado with the same cruel bamboo cane until the wicked Mistress decides to set upon the slave’s adventitiously placed balls.

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Mistress Vixen

As the clip opens Mistress Vixen’s slave is naked strapped down to a caning bench and Mistress Vixen is holding a wicked selection of brutal canes – I think we are in for a real treat with this one. I know there are a lot of clips of Mistresses caning slaves but Mistress Vixen does look so elegant and naturally dominant as she does it. For me there is nothing better than seeing a powerful female, who we know could bring such wonderous orgasmic highs of pleasure inflict agonising pain and be thanked for doing so. This guy forgets his manners, not replying when he was spoken to, such a silly thing to do the pain only increases sooner, awesome powerful blows rain on his helpless flesh. Mistress runs her gorgeous well-manicured nails over the damaged welted skin, that moment of pleasure for the slave means Mistress feels justified to go to a heavier more painful cane. Such elegant well directed dominance ensures Mistress will be on this slaves mind for many days to come. By the time we are up to 40 Mistress is positively glowing with pleasure, merciful and knowledgeable about what drives slaves to exceed their previous limits Mistress tempts the slave with being able to kiss her ass if he can take the third even harsher cane. The welts are quite dramatic now and Mistress makes him wait for the last two. Mistress always keeps her word, she does allow the slave to kiss her prefect bottom, just for a moment I am sure the pain fell away as his weak mind is lost in desire, I am sure the pain will be back when in the car on the way home – but oh what memories!

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Lady Bellatrix

In front of me I have the naked, pristine skin of a British slave. I’m going to have to do something to mark it out. As I start spanking his bum, it gets so nice and red, I point out this is about to change. It does get very red, very quickly, as I spank to warm. I move on to a leather strap next. His bum feels soft to the touch as I slap the arse to continue the warm up. Once I’m content, it’s time for the real thing. I grab a cane and start to strike, he complains it’s painful, oh dear. I even strike his feet for some cruel bastinado. Originally I was going to stop at 50, but it just feels I’m just getting started. So, that can become the halfway point as I strike 100 hard cane strokes. This will sting in the morning. He will be wearing my marks for weeks.

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Immerse yourself in desire as you explore the diverse artists and their tantalizing Caning Fantasy Clips.

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