Daily Fix: March 24th 2024 – Featured Boot Worship Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Mistress Karina

Watch in envy as Mistress Karina treat Her loser slave like a pathetic little bitch. Mistress Karina know you wish this was you…

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Goddess Serena

My thigh high, custom fit gorgeous high grain leather boots are in need of a spot of cleaning, and you look all to eager to do it for me. Watch as I instruct you to lick clean my boots with every part of your mouth until they are spotless.

Increase your addiction to Goddess Serena by downloading this clip from Her video store.

Mistress Gaia

I have my slave on his knees wearing a collar and leash; and he’s going to enjoy worshiping my boots. I order him to get his tongue going and thoroughly lick my boots. If he does a good job, I may reward him. If not I’ll make sure he suffers…

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Spoilt Princess Grace

You love My leather Casadei boots, My leather boots control and own you. you’re in love with My leather jacket and boots, and just always want to see Me in leather, to worship Me in leather, you want the leather to control you as you taste and smell the leather. you love to worship Me don’t you slave, My leather slave, you crave My leather. It makes you rock hard inside your pants, you love when I look down at you, and you look up at your leather Goddess. See how My jeans hug My divine ass and flow into the leather boots. I know your secret and I know you long to hump My leather boots, do you think I would let your dirty dicklet touch My expensive Casadei boots?

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Miss Amy

As the boot slave of Miss Amy – he licks clean Her boots, sniffs them and cleans the sweat off Her feet with his tongue. bow down to Her perfection.

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