Daily Fix: February 25th 2024 – Featured Boot Domination Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Mistress Tess

Winter is here, that time of year when practicality takes over Mistress Tess wardrobe and out come the jeans and Ugg boots. Such a delicious combination of items, they just seem to go together so don’t they? During these cold months Mistress Tess pretty much lives in Her Ugg boots, wearing them everywhere, just imagine catching a glimpse of Her int he street, Her ugg boots keeping Her feet warm, Her tight jeans showing off her beautiful ass, love it don’t you? What would you give to be under those boots? To feel them pressed in to your flesh, to lick the dirt, and there’s plenty of it, from the soles? This slave is one of the lucky ones, he’s getting the full Ugg boot experience as Mistress Tess walks all over him, jumps on him, grinds them into his flesh, and of course, gives him the honour of licking the dirt and grime from the soles. If only it was you in his place, your cock growing and straining at the sight of this Goddess in Her jeans and Ugg boots.

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Princess Rea Rays

In these boots, I radiate power that you can feel through your screen. I want you to kneel and open your mouth wide for my heels, boot bitch. I want you to imagine them pressing harder into your skin while you stroke. You’re going to lick every inch clean little boot slave. You’re no match for me when I’m wearing these shiny, sexy boots. Worship your superior Princess.

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Mistress Gaia

I’m wearing a pair of ankle boots, and have just arrived back after a long walk. I’m going to allow my slave to clean them for me. I instruct him to get that tongue of his going and write my initials in the dust on my boots. He’s not doing too well, and I give him incentive with a couple of pokes from my rod. He begins to do a better job, and perhaps I’ll consider him to become a Dust Boot Pet…

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Spoilt Princess Grace

As a Princess, I have a slave army. Those slaves are loyal, no slutting around to other Dommes. Also, those slaves have a rank. In the case of boot slaves. There are two ranks. Low down its the mud buckets and higher is the boot polishers maybe if you work hard to impress me you might rise up the ranks. That’s the goal for you slave. You must always go out of your way to impress me or be forgotten.

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Mistress Dinah

This slave is not the youngest one, but he is worshipping My boots for the first time. It is his first boot worship training. He is obligated to lick the soles and suck heels. He does not know how to do it the right way, I might even say he is a bit lazy, and his condition is also not the best, I must train him much better and regularly! Are you into boot worship? I hope you will do a better job, however, I feel you will need good training too.

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