Clip Review: Crack – Featuring Bratty Princess Nikki

by Michael Smith
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There are so many things to love about Princess Nikki’s body, from her gorgeous smile to her world-class tits to her perfect feet. I have to admit that I’ve always been an ass man, and my search for the perfect booty ended the first time I saw Bratty Nikki’s on cam shaking its way into my mind and bank account. Of course all of her clips are sexy, and she has a way of creating new fetishes with the snap of a finger or wiggle of her pink toes, but ass worship clips like Crack feel truly special. Princess Nikki reminds us that her perfect ass doesn’t just make us slaves horny, it has truly become an addiction which she is more than happy to feed and abuse for her bratty profit.
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The first thing you’ll notice is that her bikini is absolutely to die for, and it’s even sexier knowing it was purchased using a slave’s hard earned money. Princess Nikki expertly pulls down the bikini, halfway down her ass crack, teasing and rubbing the perfect ass that we would give anything to worship in person. I was mesmerized by that booty shaking back and forth, and her bratty voice asking, “What would you do to stick your face right here??” Clearly that was my signal to send her a tribute, and it wasn’t the only one I was inclined to send over the course of this clip. I was aching with jealousy watching her squeeze her tan butt cheeks and run her hands right over the ass crack that I am not worthy of ever touching in person. Luckily, serving Bratty Nikki’s ass isn’t about my desires, but hers, which are simply, “Spend! Spend! Spend!”

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You’ll nearly go over the edge hearing Princess Nikki tell you, “My crack is your CRACK.” Her ass is more powerful than the most addicting substance in the world. Her ass deserves all of our ca$h. Her ass gives us slaves a purpose in life. Watching her taunt me with the ass of my dreams always deepens my Bratty Nikki addiction, and the most important part of being addicted to her is spending like the desperate butt boy that I am. “The first hit is not free. The second hit is not free…” I can not wait to see what else Bratty Nikki has in store for us as the Crack series continues, and I can not wait to spend every penny I can for that ass along the way.

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Clip Name: Crack
Models In The Clip: Princess Nikki
Date Reviewed: July 31st,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $10.99
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