Friday July 31st 2015

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Bratty Bunny


Cheat for My Legs is Bratty Bunny’s new clip on iWantClips. It was a super hot custom home wrecking clip that of course She nailed! Her legs were made to make men do things they shouldn’t be doing. They lead all the way to Her perfect ass that no man can deny. She will have you like putty in Her hands after watching this clip, or any other of Her clips!


Do you ever feel like Bunny is trying to get in your head and take over your mind? Good then things are going exactly as She has planned.

Mandy Loves Money


Princess Mandy has a new tantalizing clip on iWantClips! Beg Me for a Ruined Orgasm is your harsh reality. you’re so desperate to cum you will even choose a ruined orgasm over none at all. At least the swelling will go down. Her purple shiny catsuit and nails compliments Her long redhead perfectly. Her knee high boots will drive you insane as She guides you to a ruined release.


Thank God She didn’t price Her new clip as high as some of Her previous clips. I guess She was feeling cruel over greedy today.


She showed off a lot of Her gifts today showing gratitude by posting pics like this to Twitter.


Princess Lacey


Princess Lacey posted a new clip to Kinkbomb today. Ten Terrible Tasks Without a Break is an overwhelming, humiliating task clip. If you think you endured some of Lacey’s wrath before, sit tight because She doesn’t hold back in this cruel clip. And you have no choice but to obey every command. She is irresistible in Her black strap outfit. There’s no denying any demand She makes.


She spent the day at the pool, but of course didn’t invite any losers to hang with Her.


Macey Jade


you Can’t Change Fate is bratty Macey Jade’s new clip on iWantClips. Its a custom request from a 34 year old virgin. She has mystical powers and can see into your future and things don’t look very bright. In fact it’s one of the most pathetic readings She has ever done. Her nails and jewelry will entrance you as you listen to your destiny.


Generosity comes in many greedy forms for bratty Princesses. Macey Jade has Her own way of being generous in Her 2nd clip release of the day on iWantClips Five Finger Discount. But don’t think you are getting any discounts with Her. She just has Her own way to give you a financial break.


Lady Esme Faye

Finding Your Weak Spot GIF

Lady Esme Faye is very good at what She does and today She is on the hunt. She wants to work on Finding your Weak Spot today. She already knows what it is but She is going to explain it all to you as you stroke for Her.


Astro Domina

Evil Queen

Goddess Sydney released a new life changing clip for Her losers today Your Evil Queen on Clips4Sale. What would it be like to live in a world where She is the Ruler? you are about to find out!


She made a trip to Her mailbox today and She was very pleased with it’s contents!

And there are many reasons why She is so spoiled but here is a good example of why




Princess Sheridan


Princess Sheridan has a new clip on Kinkbomb. In My slave is a Voyeur  She taunts Her voyeur slave as She walks around drinking in Her bikini. She pays little attention to him as tans Herself on the deck sipping away at Her drink and his dignity.




Princess Jeslyn


Princess Jeslyn should always come with a warning label. At least Her new clip on iWantClips does WARNING-INTENSE OBSESSION JOI. Before you even know it you will become addicted to Her and stroking helplessly to Her commands. The movement of Her giant boobs will mesmerize your brain, making it weak and vulnerable to Her greedy demands.




Lindsey Leigh


Worship My Gladiator Feet is Lindsey Leigh’s new clip on iWantClips. She makes you shine every strap on Her very strappy knee high boots. Then it’s on to the soles and finally at the end, once you have made Her happy with your cleaning, you get worship Her perfect feet and toes.


She‘s hanging out in NYC with Her stud right now. She looks so sassy and bratty in Her cap and sneakers.

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