Clip Review: You Owe Me – Featuring Bratty Princess Nikki

by Michael Smith
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For years, Bratty Nikki in a bikini has been the most dangerous sight in the world for paypigs around the world. We all know the weak feeling we get the moment her perfect body appears on screen, and this clip instantly had me desperate to spend like never before. I’ve spent countless hours worshiping Princess Nikki in clips and on cam, and all that time spent lusting after her means more ca$h in her bratty hands. This is how life should be for a Princess, she teases and exploits while we are happy to empty our wallets to thank her for being allowed to drool over her perfection.
Princess Nikki’s perfect legs are on full display in You Owe Me, as is her message to us losers, “You will pay to worship Princess.” I was hypnotized the second I saw those tan legs walking across my screen, and all her bratty ass teasing instantly brought me to my knees. Her bright bikini is the perfect color to show off her sexy tanned body, and she even wears the sexiest pink heels so footboys out there can drool over the peep-toe and her visible high arches. Watching this clip was a constant trigger for me to click the tribute button; every time she walks up close to the camera, click tribute, every time she sticks out her sexy booty, click tribute, every time she flips off the camera, click tribute.

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The best thing about You Owe Me is how Princess Nikki demands us losers to pay up simply because she is so far out of our league. I won’t ever know what that perfect body feels like up close and personal, that privilege is reserved for her real man. Losers don’t get to just jerk off for free, we have to tribute and send presents to further our addiction. When Princess demands payments with her soft voice and long legs strutting in my face, so close yet so far, what choice do I have but to spend? She reminds us that we don’t deserve to think, we deserve to spend, and after these 6 minutes of findomme heaven, there isn’t a slave in the world that will be able to resist spoiling Bratty Nikki.

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Clip Name: You Owe Me
Models In The Clip: Princess Nikki
Date Reviewed: July 30th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $10.00
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