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by Michael Smith
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mistress india

Femdom Videos: Domme’s Choice reveals “must buy” clips as directed by the Feature Domme herself.  Follow the links, buy the clips, and embrace the surrender.  Mistress India says…now obey like a good boy!

worship india joi

Erotic Ass Worship

Interview with Goddess India Chanel

slaveboysmith: You are an extraordinarily beautiful woman from head to toe, but I’m guessing your full, spectacular ass is the focus of so many who meet you. Are you aware of the attention and aching caused by your beautiful derriere, and how easy it is for you to control weak men with thoughts of it?

Mistress India: My ass basically has its own fan club at this point. It’s one of those things that even the strongest of males can’t resist. And that’s why it’s easily one of my best assets as a Domme. I could take my time picking a sub’s brain, drawing out his weaknesses and triggers. Or, I could just flash my perfect ass and watch him instantly fall to his knees and beg for more of me. It’s like a cheat code to hack a beta male brain. Plus, look at it – it’s perfect.

Fetishize Your Addiction

sbs: How does it feel knowing that men are completely in love with you, mindfucked completely by your existence and falling deeper into the rabbit hole of addiction for you every day?

MI: It feels perfectly natural. That’s just the way it’s supposed to be. For some men it’s instinct. Some need to be taught. But bottom line, ALL men belong at my feet. And the best way to keep them there is luring them into the cycle of addiction. You binge on my clips, become intoxicated by me, experience my withdrawal, the cravings, the intense urge to relapse. And then all it takes is for me to invoke one little trigger and suddenly you’re back in my pretty little hands. I watch slave after slave go through this same cycle and it never gets old. It’s thrilling to watch my divine feminine power in action.

10 Strokes Challenge

sbs: One clip at a time, you’re training men to prematurely cum…no doubt disappointing any future encounters with any woman. What is it about ruining men’s sex lives and orgasms is it that is so deliciously exciting for you as a Domme?

MI: It’s funny because most of these men don’t have a chance with women anyway. Either they’re a total virgin or they’ve disappointed so many poor girls in bed they stopped trying to fuck altogether. But training them to cum faster and with less and less stimulation is such a perfect reinforcement of their failure as a male. No skill. No stamina. No power. Married submissive ever starts to get cocky? Ruin his cock until she files for divorce. Single sub wants to start dating? Nope. He’ll be paying me and watching premature ejaculation clips instead. I never let them forget their place.

Slave Expectations

sbs: What are your expectations of the “ideal” slave who will apply to serve you? For those reading this and buying this clip, what are the attributes you demand in all who devote themselves to you?

MI: I made this clip because way too many slaves who approached me for ownership really underestimated just how little patience I have for the male species. I make my expectations clear in the clip (hence the title). But, what you should know is if you’re anything less than perfectly and totally devoted to my pleasure and my happiness, you need not apply. Ideally you are loyal, generous, selfless and smart. The best slaves are the ones that know how to keep me entertained and engaged: MONEY. Anything less, I’ll happily erase you from my mind and toss you aside like the garbage you are.

White Beta Male Reprogramming

sbs: As a white male, I will admit that the powerful experience of serving and bowing before a beautiful Ebony Goddess India Chanel femdom, or Goddess Naadia is something I can’t put into words. I’m sure breaking any man pleases you, but is there something special about bringing a powerful white man to his knees and retraining his thinking to where he belongs?

MI: I love Black New World order because it’s a completely different kind of power exchange. There’s a lot of things in life you can control: your gender expression, your style, your personality. But you had no control over being born white. Despite being totally delusional losers, society still rewards white men for being white and mediocre. But when I bring a white man to his knees, he’s forced to reckon with the fact that none of that privilege and power was real. And there’s nothing you can do about it. You have no control over your whiteness, no control over your inferior pink dicks, no control over how the world sees you. It’s an intense realization. The truth is white men are powerless. And Black women are powerful. There’s nothing left for you to do but hand over all control and all power to me.

worship india joi
Mistress India
mistress india joi

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