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by Michael Smith
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mistress india chanel

Femdom Videos: Domme’s Choice reveals “must buy” clips as directed by the Feature Domme herself.  Click the link, buy the clips, and embrace the surrender. Mistress India Chanel says…so obey like a good boy!

Mistress India

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How to Get Her to Cuck You

Interview with India Chanel femdom

slaveboysmith: In this clip, you are essentially a “relationship coach”, teaching men how to ensure they are cuckolded by their wife or girlfriend. What might make a man crave being cuckolded in a relationship in which they are not already? And can you share what it is that is so pleasing for you, Mistress India, to turn men into cuckolded simps as you do?

Mistress India Chanel: There’s a certain sexual “charge” that a man can only get from the jealousy and impotence he feels watching his woman enjoy fucking another, more superior, man. If you know you’re sexually inadequate and want to experience a hot power dynamic, but your wife isn’t the Dominant type, she doesn’t have to be! Just show her some real dick, sit back, and watch.

I take pleasure in the process of ruining your cock and decimating any chance you had at a normal sex life. This is all part of my plan to convert my viewers into a sexless obedient slaves.

Anti-Sissy Therapy-Fantasy

sbs: First you sissify men, turning them out, making them desperate little sluts for you, and now you are providing “counseling” to cure their affliction? Something tells me there may be something sinister afoot here! Can any man be made to suppress their male ego and become a sissy for you, Mistress India? And how far might this conversion go?

MIC: I’ve sissified men before they even realized it was happening. First it’s just “joking around”, making him dance for me, playfully putting a little lip gloss on, getting him more and more curious about the feminine lifestyle. Next think you know he’s got an expansive butt plug, vibrator and panty collection and calling himself “Sissy Jessica”. Men love to let loose and get slutty for women. They just need guidance.

Sex for White Boys

sbs: As we are in the final days of Black History Month, and as a white boy myself, this clip is particularly relevant to me. What should every white boy who kneels before you know, and what can you share of what BNWO Sex is all about, Mistress India?

MIC: I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but one thing every white boi should understand about his sex life is that your “pleasure” does not belong to you. Your “pleasure” is just a means to the Black New World Order’s powerful ends. Every taboo BBC porn rabbit hole, Femdom jerk-off session or disappointing sexual experience you’ve had has led you closer and closer to realizing your inferiority in our world. I’m here to finish the job and show you your real purpose as a slave to Black Female Supremacy. Normal “sex” was never meant for white boys.

The BNWO Agenda

sbs: This clip was recently included in our Black History Month IWC feature, and the feedback from my fellow submissives was incredible. To say this clip is a mindfuck would be just a bit of an understatement, as you take us deep into our inferiority with this humiliating experience. When all is said and done, how does Goddess India Chanel view the place of all white males in the BNWO? And for those, like me, who have not yet had the privilege of serving a Black Goddess, what awaits us when we do finally submit to our Superior?

MIC: Your race is something inherent and unchangeable about you. Realistically, a “loser” slave can technically pick himself up, get offline, stop calling himself a “loser” and walk away. But, you will never stop being white. That’s something you can’t walk away from. You will always be the Other. You will always have the everlasting knowledge of Black Supremacy looming over you. And eventually you will realize it’s not enough to just be a slave, you want to be a WHITEBOY slave. It’s not about if, but when. All white males come to this realization eventually. (Usually around the time they realize their dick is not actually “average” sized)

Sextortion (Blackmail-Fantasy)

sbs: Blackmail is not for everyone, and this type of reality is going to be terrifying, yet exhilarating at the same time. For those who have not yet taken a dive into the abyss of blackmail, what can you share about why it is so hard to resist, so dangerous, and thus so perfect for weak boys in your presence? Also, typically what kind of information might Mistress India ask for when putting slaves into a position of vulnerability?

MIC: Femdom and BDSM porn is already a relatively taboo fetish. It’s not something a lot of men want to broadcast to the world that they’re into. So naturally, you want to keep a healthy distance between your beautiful Femdom porn Goddesses and your real life. But when that line gets crossed unexpectedly, it brings on a whole new level of arousal. It’s hot because it’s terrifying.

The power a beautiful woman can have over you is scary. And nothing is going to get your blood pumping to your dick like the adrenaline rush of potentially having your freaky taboo fetishes being exposed or your life turned upside down. All it takes to track someone down nowadays is their legal name and phone number. Just that can do a lot of damage in the hands of a girl like me.

goddess india chanel
india chanel femdom
india chanel femdom

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