Feature Interview: Princess Samantha

by Michael Smith
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Her beauty is striking, her figure is breathtaking, and Princess Samantha is as confident in her perfection and control over men as any woman you’ll ever meet.  It was an absolute privilege to interact with Princess in having this opportunity to set up the feature you are about to enjoy.  Be sure to follow her links, wipe the drool from your chins, and spoil this stunning Princess as she so richly deserves when you’re done. 

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slaveboysmith: Joining me today is the stunningly beautiful Princess Samantha. Princess, this is a privilege for me to interview you, and as instructed, I am on my knees. Thank you for allowing me to do this feature for you. Let me begin by asking you how it is you began your journey to becoming one of the most sought after financial Dommes. When did you first realize your ability to control men and make them obey your every command?

Princess Samantha: From a young age, being an only child usually gives people that ruthless edge. It starts with family friends, so easy to tie round your finger, then teasing boys at school. It helped that I was wickedly humourus too so even the Alphas liked me, not just submissives.

sbs: Are you now dominant in all aspects of your life, Princess?

PS: I do what I want when I want. I can be incredibly selfish in relationships. If something is making me unhappy then I have no problem with walking away without wanting to try and solve it. I’ve never been one to follow the crowd or do anything I don’t want to do, simply because I don’t have to. Life’s too short to be miserable and be like everyone else. I’ve never been like everyone else nor wanted to be.

sbs: From following you on Twitter, I’ve noticed that with a snap of your fingers, or a direct command, men desperately scramble to tribute you large amounts of money and spoil you with gifts. Can you explain what makes a man want to be a financial slave? What motivates them to spoil you as they do so easily?

PS: They want to be noticed. It’s simple. An in demand Domme or real Domme will never have to sit online and beg all day off of people. Findomme and online Domming is getting such a bad rep now. If you’ve got skanky feet, live in a house with ugly bad taste decor – you’re no Princess – you’re just a beg, but good on you for trying. Men pay tribute to me simply because they want my attention. I don’t say much online nor reply because I have an extremely busy life. The fact they may know a bit about me or follow me other places can motivate them. Most of all it makes them feel special to have my attention, addictive like a drug. It’s simple – if they want my time – they pay

sbs: I can certainly see how you can become highly addictive! In doing some “research” for this interview, I recently purchased your Draining Your Balls & Marriage clip. It is a seriously sexy, and very wicked homewrecker clip. Is that a genre of clips you quite enjoy? What other fetishes or themes do you you enjoy exploring with your slaves?

PS: To be honest, my specialty is humiliation probably over findomme. With homewrecking there are a lot of people who are weak and pathetic for staying in a loveless marriage. They fantasize about having the balls to leave their fat, ugly wife. They don’t, but sometimes they need to be teased, fantasize about it or even be given a little encouragement to do the right thing. If a guy is looking elsewhere, looking at porn and has this in his brain already, then the marriage is dead. Then contacting me doesn’t make me the bad person to his wife because he has already started that decline. Maybe he will stay with her but just needs a fantasy outlet. But there’s plenty that want to take it further than that too. Looking at me isn’t going to help matters though. They can dream that I could be their girlfriend – it’s not going to happen though. Some are just happy I’m in their life to humiliate them, chat to them or just watch me. I like my tease and denial clips and also workplace fantasies – they’re always fun. Anything from that to blackmail clips, being owned forcefully is a massive turn on for so many men.

sbs: Well if that clip is any indication, you are the perfect woman to forcefully own any man you set your sights on! Your beauty if astonishing and you are extremely sensual while being strict. Do you see slaves r/t as well, or just through online interactions?

PS: Usually just online. I have a very busy schedule so I’d rather just keep my subs that I enjoy in real time. I’m not too excited about meeting strangers for bookings as I prefer long term slaves and I won’t do anything that I don’t enjoy, money or not.

sbs: The world of Femdom is quite a close community and everyone seems to know what others are doing and the type of content they are releasing. Is there more cooperation or competition between Dommes? Any in particular you’re close with that you’ve enjoyed either working with or just getting to know?

PS: I don’t have much interaction with many Dommes/ex glamour models. I’d rather just do my own thing; keep out the bitching and off the radar. I’ve known Goddess Jasmine Jones a long time and we film together occasionally, which is quite fun. I’ve filmed with Ceara Lynch before when I first started filming but we didn’t have much time – the shoot was fun though.

sbs: Goddess Jasmine is quite a woman. I’ve enjoyed much of her work as well. Ceara Lynch has been a fav of mine for some time as well. I can imagine it might not always be friendly, but probably best to stay out of the fray and do your own thing. That seems to be working rather well for you, Princess.

PS: Indeed. I’ve not had any issue so far anyway.

sbs: I’m sure you get tweets and emails and other such messages from admiring slaves every day. Many of those likely lead to nothing, but some will be the beginning of a deep addiction for that slave. How do you know when you have truly broken someone and are completely in control of them? Is there some kind of indication that you’ve gotten inside their head and own them?

PS: They just can’t stop spending usually. From tributing to buying sessions, they are trained well with good etiquette. Some do need a lot of attention but they know I’m busy and they need to buy sessions. Most are willing to do anything once broken from humiliating themselves, leaving their wives, taking out bank loans, downsizing their apartments/houses or even taking a second job.

sbs: The lengths these men go to as they try desperately to please you, to be noticed by you…does it ever surprise you, or have you grown accustomed to the effect you have on men? In other words, do you ever find yourself saying “Oh my god! I cannot believe he actually did that because I told him to”?

PS: Some of it surprises me. Some try to quit then fall harder than ever. Or some who’ve contacted me a lot expecting freebie replies eventually crack and tribute and want to serve full time. Some it takes longer than others. Some of the things people do in humiliation terms do surprise me though. The pain they are willing to go through for me can be unreal. I had one slave smear feces on his face, and he actually did it for me, as it was the worst thing he could think of, and this was on cam! I’ve had one guy stab needles in his own cock. All my subs are very different though. Some are relatively normal.

sbs: My God! That’s hardcore and definitely not for everyone! Have you ever been recognized in public? How does the slave react to seeing his ultimate fantasy Domme in person?

PS: Generally I only go to spots where Alphas hang out. I think most wouldn’t have the nerve to disturb me. I’ve had a few email me after they’ve seen me out and want to serve. It is rude to disturb someone that’s going about their business. I usually wear sunglasses anyway! At a fetish party I had quite a few fall to their knees and try to worship my feet, but I don’t want to be bothered when I’m with my personal slaves, as it’s a privilege to serve me. I think that’s different to being recognized just in the street though.

sbs: I can imagine you are quite intimidating for submissive men being as you are so strikingly beautiful, Princess. For slaves who have not yet offered themselves to you, on their knees as I am currently, what is the best way for them to make a good first impression and to show you they’re serious about being your obedient pet?

PS: It tells you on my site, obeysamantha.com. Yes, you can buy a cam worship session, but I don’t give these out to just anyone. Best way is a tribute, a gift – to get things going. Make yourself stand out too. If you want to apply then something that amuses me goes a long way too – although that doesn’t let you off the hook financially!

sbs: I will be sure to link your website, and any other links you wish me to, with this feature, Princess. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions today.

As a follow up to this interview, I spent some time exploring her website, and Princess Samantha is utterly irresistible.  I’ve purchased and reviewed her clip mentioned above, and you can’t imagine how much lust and desire this Princess can bring out of you.  The review can be found here, and you’ll want to buy more and more of her clips leading you to a cam session in which she takes total control of you.  Warning though, Princess is extremely addictive and you won’t know what hit you when she takes over your every thought! Enjoy the descent into complete slavery.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/misssamantha11

Website: obeysamantha.com

iWantClips Store: https://iwantclips.com/store/3811/Princess-Samantha-Humiliation-Store

Clips4sale Store: http://clips4sale.com/43948

Spoil Your Princess: Amazon.com Wishlist


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