Feature Interview: Princess Jeslyn

by Michael Smith
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She is the ultimate busty redhead Princess that will seduce her way into your wallet and soul! Today’s feature Domme is the gorgeous Princess Jeslyn.  To say you’ll fall in lust with this gorgeous beauty is an understatement! I dare you to try to resist her sensual style and her relentless seduction.  Resisting her persuasive manipulation and dominant style is impossible.  Sit back and learn more about the woman that is going to slowly take over your every thought.  Introducing the gorgeous and irresistible Princess Jeslyn!


slaveboysmith:  How long have you been doing this, and how did you become an online dominatrix?

Princess Jeslyn: I have been a dominatrix for over ten years, but started about a year and a half ago, doing more online. It was something new and exciting   for me to delve into.

sbs:  Would you say you are naturally dominant, or is it more of a roleplay?

PJ: I was born DOMINANT! haha, It’s 100% natural for me to be in control…. and I enjoy it to no end. Role-play has a time and a place and I am always open to something new If I feel that it’s something I would enjoy.

sbs:  Some women would say they could do your job in a heartbeat, but it requires far more than saying ‘give me money or buy me stuff.”  What skills do you think a successful Fin Domme such as yourself needs to have?  

PJ: Of course anyone can demand a gift or money.  I was born with a natural ability to be flawlessly in control of ALL my endeavors in life.  It flows to me like honey from a bee.  Woman are true goddesses by nature. I choose to embrace my power and let abundance naturally flow to me. Channeling exactly what I deserve.  Keeping this power requires a delicate balance to maintain. There’s definitely attributes needed in order to have this lifestyle. As with anything, there has to be an honor within in order to draw in greatness.
You’re either born with it or you’re not.

sbs:  Can you explain what makes a man want to be a financial slave? What motivates them to spoil you as they do so easily?

PJ:  Simple really…A man loves to spoil a beautiful woman naturally…some men are more compelled to be in this natural state. A true slave wants direction and purpose. They want to feel needed and appreciated, important to the woman and desired most of all… even if they are being used. Beauty and beautifully molded words are music to a proper slaves ears..anything is possible when you play the right music.

sbs:  What are your favorite fetishes to explore with your slaves?

PJ: Well…each slave is unique and individual. I like to push their boundaries a bit, and make it interesting. I sometimes use props to see how attentive and persuaded they can become in session. Also, anything pertaining to my feet and legs! As I do love to be pampered!!!

sbs:  What is the worst part of being a Financial Domme?

PJ: Being judged by people who do not get it…and also dealing with people who fantasize about the lifestyle but are hopeless “Time Wasters!”

sbs:  What is the most money that anyone has ever tributed to you (at one time or cumulatively)?  

PJ: 10K during a real time session 🙂

sbs:  What is the most expensive thing that you have been able to buy as a result of money from a slave? 

PJ: I’ve recently purchased a beautiful new home.

sbs: Have you met many other financial Dommes? Is there ever competition over who gets the most slaves, money or gifts?

PJ: Yes, I have a few Domme friends…and I don’t find it to be a competition. I find it interesting and fun to share stories!  I’m also happy for them in whatever they do and I enjoy seeing them happy and spoiled as it should be. Woman are Goddesses and deserve a life of luxury.

sbs:  What is the cruelest thing you have ever done to a slave? 

PJ: The cruelest thing to do to a slave is to no longer need them…to ignore them.

sbs:  How many slaves do you currently have “working” for you? 

PJ: At the moment, I  currently have four dedicated slaves and many others who come and go or stop by my wish list for some anonymous spending. I prefer quality over quantity. I do not waste my time with needy immature subs. I prefer men of class to serve me.

sbs:  Would you ever meet a slave in real life?

PJ: Yes of course…this is how it all started. Only a rare few are chosen to be in my presence and spoil me. 🙂

sbs:  How do you know when you’ve completely broken someone and are completely in control of them?

PJ: Their actions are all I need. A slave who wants to truly be owned will be at my mercy and willing to do anything I ask with pleasure! It’s something they love and love to do, like a sweet addiction, feeling a buzz from the rewards they receive.

sbs:  Have any of your slaves tried to reverse the power dynamic and top from the bottom with you?

PJ: Of course, but I have zero interest in that.

sbs: Are the people in your personal life aware of your work?

PJ: Yes, I am very open to tell friends, etc…it is my lifestyle. Nothing to hide or be ashamed of…I enjoy what I do.

sbs:  Have you ever been recognized in public? How does the slave react to seeing his ultimate fantasy Domme in person?

PJ: Not as of yet…haha but it would be flattering!

sbs:  Cash or gifts? What type of tribute do you prefer?

PJ: Both please!!! I do love surprises…but I also like to know it is something of need or use to me. Little trinkets will not do. A gift with thought put into the intent will make my day!

sbs:  What role does social media sites such as Twitter or Skype play in your business?

PJ: Well, the social networks have brought in lots of interests to being in the Fin Dom business…In many ways.. good and not so good. But, it takes the essentials of all elements to be aware of both sides of the coin! Actually, I am having fun. I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with many new and interesting people online.  Without social media, the vast quantities of information, meets and greets would not be so easily accessible.

sbs:  Finally, is there anything else you would like to tell your admiring worshipers reading this interview?

PJ: I am looking forward to hearing from them…and opening up new relationships and role-playing fun!  I am not all about the “Rules” and love to dabble in the unexpected!!!  😉

Like I warned you at the beginning of this feature, Princess Jeslyn has a way of getting into your head and twisting you around her little finger.  Can you feel her luring you in? Have you already surrendered? Visit every one of her links below and feel your need to please her grow like you never imagined it could.  That hunger you feel is the desire to please your Superior Princess and to be noticed by this perfect beauty.  Embrace your surrender to her.  She is extraordinary!

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Website- http://bit.ly/1d08FNl

Niteflirt- https://www.niteflirt.com/listings/show/10007764-Greedy-Spoiled-Princess-here-to-Drain-your-Wallet-

Clips4sale- http://clips4sale.com/studio/75563

Twitter- https://twitter.com/Princess_Jeslyn

Wishlist- http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/ref=nav_wishlist_btn

Instagram- https://instagram.com/princessjeslyn/

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