Thursday May 28th 2015

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Goddess Jessica


Goddess Jessica Jerker is Goddess Jessica’s new clip on iWantClips today. you know you’ve done it, you know you will do it again and again and again and again. Just buy the clip and start jerking off for this Goddess.


She graciously posted this pic on Twitter for Her footboys today.

Lady Nina


Humiliating the Fat pig is 1 of Lady Nina’s new clips on iWantClips today. Her curves look perfect in the black lingerie and high heels She’s wearing as She berates Her viewer for being such disgusting fat pigs.


Big Booty Wallet Draining is a fantastic way for any ass junie to loose all of his money at once! Stroke and pay for Lady Nina!


She spent one hour on cam tonight and any loser that got to have a session with Her was beyond lucky and better have shown his appreciation!


Mistress Bardot Smith


Mistress Bardot Smith has a feature clip store on iWantClips right now. Every single clip looks better than the next! Her vicious greed and demanding attitude are no match for any man, let alone one easily weakened by hot greedy Goddesses.


Buy every single clip, don’t deny yourself of such perfection. She will do the denying for you.


Datura DiVine


Datura DiVine’s new clip on Clips4Sale is called Her. Simple and sweet, completely opposite of of this sucluant Goddess. She is complex and seductive with a heavy side of addicting.


Princess Kayleigh


Hellishly cute Princess Kayleigh posted 2 new clips in Her iWantClips store today. In Becoming your Sister’s slave She looks so sweet and nice but I’m sure that doesn’t last long. She definitely has something taboo brewing.


your Ex- Girlfriend is Her 2nd clip She posted today. She knows even though you have a new girlfriend you still think about Her and jerk off to Her. you don’t want your new gf to find out do you? Better keep Princess happy, even if you aren’t getting the same benefits.



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