Feature Interview: Mz Devious

by Michael Smith
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By any name, Mz Devious is an extraordinary Goddess! I recently had the pleasure of getting to know this gorgeous woman as I prepared this feature, and she is as intelligent and down to earth as she is overwhelmingly attractive.  Make no mistake, Mz Devious is a powerful dominant Goddess who can keep any man in his place, but as her answers below indicate, she doesn’t take her Domme persona too seriously and quite enjoys what she does.  Enjoy a glimpse into the woman behind the spectacular physique and dominant commands as I have the distinct pleasure of introducing the wonderful and sexy Mz Devious!  

mzdevious-boot-worshipshiny-spandex-mz-devious princess-danni-2014

slaveboysmith: Can you tell me a little about yourself before you became a celebrated Domme?

Mz Devious: My name is Mz Devious aka Princess Danni. I’ve been a part of the online Domme community since early 2008.

sbs: Would you say you are naturally dominant, or is it more of a roleplay?

MD: Guys online ask Me this quite often. I’m naturally dominant. I understand how not having an “on-air” brat schtick could confuse people. Especially since I don’t run with the pack. I just do my own thing. I can’t be bothered photographing stuff I purchased and brag how “nameless good boy slave” bought me a case of dish detergent. Ugh. Maybe I should do that .. then I’d look dominant. you won’t see me tweeting a $12 receipt from IHOP, hoping some “lucky fuck” will foot the bill. IMO, that’s not financial domination. It’s panhandling. Or maybe I’m not viewing it from the right perspective. I’m greedy…but I can buy my own pancakes and foot the dog’s vet bill. To each their own. I say thank you. That’s not submissive behavior. It’s a part of my personal core values. I have casual Twitter conversations with submissive males. Just because someone is sub doesn’t mean that he’s my sub, or that it’s a best practice for Dommes to be bitchy 24/7 to whomever we encounter. If you are not compensating My time, I will talk to you like I would anyone else. n00b dommes drink in what they see. They assume this gig is easy. Act bitchy, and address all men as losers, ultimately act stupid drunk off the Domme Kool-Aid. I didn’t drink the Kool-Aid. So when I hear girls complain about the sudden influx of instas, I think… “hmm… well half the bullshit and TMI you’re sharing with the world makes it look like a get rich quick scheme”…

sbs: How did you get started in the adult industry?

MD:This is a long story. Grab a snack.
Two nineteen year old girls walk into a strip club in Jersey.
( stop me if you’ve heard this one before )

I was working as a bartender at a local sports pub. Knowing what bar life is like, I didn’t want my naive friend to go on a stripper audition alone, so I tagged along. Long story short she didn’t get the job. However, I was offered a bartending position at the club, but turned it down. I tossed the idea around in my head for about a week. I could double my income doing the same work, same amount of hours – only difference was a change in uniform (booty shorts, red bra and black thigh high boots) Fuck it right? I wear less to the beach. I went back and took the job. The Howard Stern show hosted an event at the club. Hank the Angry Dwarf emceed the “best ass” contest which was open to female customers & employees. My co-workers nominated me to get up on stage. I’m like, “Hell nooo!” The boss picks me up and plops me on stage, encouraging the customers to pelt me with balled up singles …

so I do the stupid contest.
I win the stupid contest.
I get fired as a barmaid.
“you had a heavy hand”
I’m re-hired as a dancer.

Went home with $800 in damp, crumpled bills.
That right there. Life changing moment.

They asked me for my stage name? The fuck…
Boss says, ” well Mizzzzz Devious .. what’s it gonna be? The DJ ” How ’bout Danni Devious or Bratty Booty?
” I hate both names. Just call me anything”….
Welcome to the stage Mz Devious aka the Brat with a Booty!

I danced for eight years. Retired in 2007. My friend introduced me to Ebanned years earlier…and I decided to create a new account there to get rid of all my old stripper wear. I made a killing. I had a blast. I wanted more action. I signed up for Niteflirt , opened a clip store … then another clip store, that one landed in the top 50 soon after opening. Bla bla bla, ups ‘n downs.. drama n trolls. 2014 was on hiatus. It’s 2015 .. still at it. Still having fun.

sbs: Was there a specific point where you realized that your looks and sexuality were a perfect combination and that you could have a career like you have now?

MD: No. Never had an epiphany or light bulb moment like “hey I”m passable under good lighting and twelve pounds of makeup.. gonna make a career off my juicy booty”. I wouldn’t call this My career. It’s a business.

sbs: One look at you and it’s plainly obvious that you take pride in your stunning figure and that you must work hard to maintain the level of fitness you do. Any secrets to share?

MD: Aww thanks. Secrets..lol the secrets in the sauce. Ok seriously, here’s a tip – waist cinchers, fat melting wraps, wearing trash bags, sonic cellulite melting machines etc.. don’t work. You can’t melt fat. Just do the work, and leave the hefty bags in the trash can.

sbs: How has your bodybuilding meshed with your role as a Domme? Are the two a natural fit, or is it something that you constantly have to work at defining?

MD: It hasn’t meshed well at all. I did not like the direction which it was heading. The biggest confusion right now, is that I’m still bodybuilding. No. I stopped in 2012 when a dormant auto immune disorder flared up, causing me to drop 20 lbs in a month. I’m still not 100%, flip flopping between the two ( I have 2 inflammatory auto immune disorders) plus slipping rib syndrome. So bodybuilding is done. I don’t miss it. I work out here ‘n there.. I look big because I had built enough muscle density, that it will never go away. How it all started was when I saw a gap in the marketplace at clips4sale back in 2009. There was brat girls and muscle clips, but there weren’t any bratty muscle girls. I was 100% confident I could do this, fill the gap and own it. A million clip ideas formed and I had to put them into action, if only I looked like a bratty version of Rambo. Princess Danni started online at 108lbs in 2008. Mz Devious hit a max of 145lbs by 2011 ( I’m 4 foot 10 ) .. I BUSTED MY ASS to maintain that biz. I didn’t realize the amount of confusion this second online persona would create. But it did. I wanted it to be Mz Devious Muscle. But, I had inadvertently developed a very mainstream fan base. They started posting my pics at non-fetish forums, found me on Facebook, and worst of all they refused to call me Mz Devious. Most of these fans HATED the fetish/domme stuff and that I had the balls to charge men to watch my videos. Yet for the first two years nearly every clip I posted hit the home page 50, and 6 or 7 #1 clips of the week. So for a bunch of unhappy fappers, someone was buying these clips. It seriously confused people who assumed I was an aspiring athlete looking for mainstream fans. No, I’m a muscle brat-girl with a clips4sale studio. I tried to heavily control and de-market fans/followers that didn’t align with Mz Devious’ bratty mission. Towards the end, trying to balance the persona’s was truly crazy-making. The business ran it’s course. I closed shop in 2013. No regrets. So to clear things up, I was Princess Danni first. I crafted Devious Muscle as a business. It’s confusing for everyone, even myself.

sbs: Would you ever meet a slave in real life?

MD: Yes, I have many times. If I know someone long enough, chances are we’ll eventually meet. However, I prefer to keep things online. I don’t “tour” or go out of my way to offer sessions. I’m very much an introvert, just the thought of touring sounds mentally exhausting.

sbs: Have you ever been recognized in public? How does the slave react to seeing his ultimate fantasy Domme in person?

MD: Yes it’s happened. None were slaves, just people that knew of me from online. I’m working out at the gym and this dude walks up to me while I’m on the Step-Mill. He holds up his cell phone, shows me a forum thread loaded with all my pictures, ” this is you right? you’re her??” I just smiled and nod my head. Not sure what the heck he wanted. Weird. Another memorable moment – I was with my parents outside a venue where Mr Devious was competing (bodybuilding). My dad says ” there’s a creep taking pictures of your calves” the guy comes up to us like it’s totally normal to do shit like that — and says my name. I knew I was dealing with a schmoe. ( schmoe – a man that has a fetish for female bodybuilders ) Dad is confused, My mom just wants to hug everyone. So I pulled the guy aside and asked ” wanna arm wrestle?” Kicking him in the nuts wasn’t an option that day. Something similar happened at the lobby bar at Fetishcon 2011. I crushed the dude. True story. Ceara (Lynch) is my witness …My favorite – I was in South Beach last year, attending a rooftop party with Mr Devious. This guy comes over to our table and shows me a pic on his phone. (the white trash pinup girl/Kiddie pool pic ) Yes, that’s me. ” I’m a fan from Italy” .. We took lots of photos and hung with him the rest of the night, kept in touch. Cool guy.

sbs: You must have fans sending you gifts all the time. For admirers that want to impress and spoil you, as you so richly deserve, what is the best way to do so?

MD: I have an Amazon wishlist


Or tribute through Niteflirt & Clipvia



sbs: One thing even your most obedient of slaves doesn’t know about you would be…

MD: Oh geez.. lots. I can do the moonwalk. Man… this is tough one, I can’t think of anything at the moment.

I may have stumped the beautiful Goddess with that final question, but trust me, I’m sure she’ll make me pay for it! Thank you Mz Devious for your generosity in giving your time to respond to my questions so thoroughly and so promptly.  Congratulations on your Top 10 finish in the C4s Booty Shake contest recently.  I cannot believe with your spectacular derriere that you didn’t win! Now that you know a little more about this amazing woman, be sure to visit all her links and find out even more about how you can serve, and spoil, the stunning Muscle Goddess of your dreams!


Website – http://mzdevious.com/

Fetish C4S – http://clips4sale.com/22493

Devious Muscle clips – http://deviousmuscle.com/

Kinkbomb – http://www.kinkbomb.com/studio/mz-devious/

Clipvia – http://mzdevious.clipvia.com/

Custom Clips – http://mzdevious.com/custom-fetish-clips/

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