Clip Review: Red White & Blue Balls – Featuring Goddess Christina

by Michael Smith
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The 4th of July…a time for celebration and fun with family and friends.  For Goddess Christina, it also means her choice of any man with a huge, thick cock to use for her own pleasure and enjoyment.  For you, her drooling little jerkoff pet, it means frustration and denial at the hands of one of the most beautiful and seductive teases you will ever meet.  Goddess Christina is stunning in her patriotic bikini and she uses her spectacular body and beauty to work you up into a stroking frenzy!


Listen closely as this redheaded Temptress tells you all about how much she’s going to enjoy taking that real man’s cock inside her and how good it will feel.  Stroke for her as she cuckolds you simply with a story of what is to come.  And as she builds to a mindblowing orgasm setting off her very own personal fireworks, she’ll have you denying yourself and punishing your cock for even thinking you could cum.  Enjoy your aching blue balls as a reminder that you always play by Goddess Christina’s rules.  Happy 4th of July, loser!

One glimpse of Goddess Christina in her tiny little bikini and you’re hooked into this clip.  When a woman this hot tells you to take out  your cock and stroke, you don’t hesitate! Even though you know from the title, and Goddess Christina makes it very clear that you won’t be cumming, you still can’t help but get caught up in the allure of her seductive voice as she paints an image of perfect sex with the perfect woman.  The only problem…you’re not the guy having it! Enjoy being denied and cuckolded all at once by a woman so beautiful she will make you tremble with desire.  We know the holiday will be a special one for Goddess Christina.  For her lustful slaveboys, well, it will definitely be memorable!

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Clip Name: Red White & Blue Balls
Models In The Clip: Goddess Christina
Date Reviewed: July 2nd,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $19.99

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