Feature Interview – Goddess Brianna

by Michael Smith
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She’s beautiful, wickedly cruel and sensually seductive.  Goddess Brianna blends together everything we men find irresistible.  I’ve admired her and lusted over her for a long time, seeing her in clips and pictures and imagining what she must be like.  When I nervously contacted her to request to feature her, she surprised me by suggesting a phone interview. After arranging the interview, I was still quite nervous to be in the presence of this amazing Goddess I knew only from what I had seen.  What I learned is that Goddess Brianna is an absolute delight to talk to.  She is professional, patient and absolutely wonderful.  I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation, despite the fact that her sizzling responses caused my iPhone to overheat lol.  Enjoy the amazing beauty of Goddess Brianna, enjoy her playful and thoughtful responses to my questions, and then find yourself on your knees, kissing her feet, either in person, or while watching this perfect Goddess in action.

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slaveboysmith: It’s such a pleasure to speak with you today, Goddess Brianna.  Let me begin by asking you how long have you been a dominatrix and what was it that got you started in that role?

Goddess Brianna: Wow…that’s kind of a complex question because there isn’t really just one thing. I started off doing roleplay type scenarios when I was in my early teens lol …a bit of sexual experimentation and that was all sort of teacher/student or boss/secretary type of roleplay which eventually progressed to more physical roles like spanking, light bondage, things like that. That in term led to polyamorous relationships with significant others, which in turn led to an adult film career. Then I came across a Mistress named Lady Cheyenne from Club Dom and she introduced me to a whole new world of Domming that I had never experienced before. So combining a psychology background and a certificate in massage therapy, with my prior experience with adult film and a light bulb kind of went off and I was able to put all those elements together into something that I truly felt was me.

sbs: Well speaking as someone who has seen your work on line, I have to say you’ve mastered it and done very, very well that way!

GB: Well thank you! I appreciate that. I do love what I do and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel bad for people who have to go to work every day and hate their job. That’s not the way to be. So, yeah, I started doing professional Domme sessions about 5 years ago. My career in film has been about 10 years now. And I’m now moving towards directing and running my own production company over the past 4 years.

sbs: And I notice that the stuff I’ve seen of you online more recently has been focusing more on foot fetish themes as opposed to a broader approach to various areas of domination. Would that be fair to characterize?

GB: Yes, my websites feetondemand.com and goddessfootdomination.com are obviously very niche and I’ve found that works for me and I like. But my sessions in domination and things that I personally do are the whole gamut of themes lol

sbs: Well I’m glad to hear you haven’t retired your strapon because I have to say watching you in action with that is definitely one of my favourites.

GB: LOL! I do have a certain affinity for it, don’t I?

sbs: Although I don’t know if I could handle being on the receiving end of it having watched a few of your clips, but it most certainly is erotic to watch.

GB: You know, most people who come to me, even the ones that tell me they’re not into it and don’t like it, usually somewhere down the line end up receiving my strapon or at least some anal play when it comes to serving lol

sbs: As they should! Funny that you mention that your early start began with a schoolgirl/teacher roleplay fantasy because I’m actually a teacher, so of course that fantasy is very real and quite a favourite of mine.

GB: Ahhh, so it is sexual for you because for some guys that come to me they say “no anything but that, it gives me the creeps”.

sbs: No, the fantasy of it is very real. Obviously I would never act on it for a variety of reasons, but the fantasy is very intense. Especially from a domination perspective where the schoolgirl takes total control and manipulates the teacher.

GB: Of course 😉 I love doing MANY adaptations of that theme.

sbs: I can imagine! So I think my second question has been asked and answered then, in terms of whether you’re naturally dominant. I suspected as much. Have you always been that way? Have you always known you could take control of men very easily?

GB: I don’t know. I sometimes get concerned over a negative stigma when someone is a dominant woman. Am I a dominant woman in my personal life? Yeah, I guess I am. But I don’t think it’s what defines me. I’m a real person with many different aspects like any other woman.

sbs: That makes sense. Okay, shifting gears to the other side of the relationship, what do you think it is that makes a man want to serve as a slave, or basically hand over control to you when you’re online or in a session?

GB: Well, I think that the power exchange is a very powerful craving for some. Obviously a lot of Alpha males or people that are just in very much control of their everyday lives just need an escape from that. Just turning the tables, even for a little while, to give up ultimate control and have someone else in charge of everything. I even say that in my first 10 minutes of my sessions when I tell them there’s no required thinking on your part. Just do as I say lol I think that for some people, that’s a relief. It can be a stress reliever and an escape to a fantasy world they just don’t get to participate in on a daily basis.

sbs: Very true. We mentioned your websites for foot fetish earlier, and of course, your use, and love of strapons as well. Are there other fetishes you particularly enjoy and try to include in your sessions?

GB: I have a number of ones I enjoy. Tease and denial is very powerful for me. I guess the fact that I can be very soft and teasing and sensual on the one hand and then pick up my cane and drive into them the next minute.

sbs: I have noticed that!

GB: So I guess for me, that requires an understanding of the mental aspect of domination…knowing who your partner is that your playing with and what their thresholds are. And that brings it back to the psychological aspect of it so that’s why it’s my favourite fetish.

sbs: You can clearly hear it in your voice that you enjoy what you do. Any negatives? Anything about the role that you wish you could change or could do without?

GB: I guess with any career there’s challenges or things you don’t like about it so much. Being a business owner can be tough in that you can’t hand it off to anyone else and are always working, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

sbs: I guess being your own boss comes with that role and desire. Do you see mostly regulars or do you see first timers often? I wondered if they might be intimidated by your reputation and larger than life persona.

GB: That answer is all of the above. I definitely enjoy establishing a rapport even with a newcomer, because my ultimate goal is to get everyone to come back so you can have a more enjoyable play session and get to know one another so it is more in depth. The session can be so much more heightened as the relationship grows and you know your slaves after seeing them repeatedly. But yeah, I always welcome newcomers, and training a newbie can be a lot of fun too 😉

sbs: This next question, I asked it of another Domme recently and she responded back “seriously, are you masturbating as you type this?” so I want the record to show as I ask you that I’m absolutely not lol. It has to do with in person sessions and I’m curious if there’s some kind of tell in a session when you realize you have absolute control. Is there something you see in a slave’s eyes, or in their actions that tells you they’re yours?

GB: You wouldn’t be the first man I made touch themselves 😉 Hmmm…I don’t think there’s one certain thing. It’s a progression and a journey so it takes a while to establish that trust. And it comes with knowing the Goddess you’re serving and being able to give that up. Everyone’s a little different in that way.

sbs: Right, and that’s probably something that would be easier to determine with a return client as opposed to someone you’re seeing for the first time, I would guess.

GB: Absolutely…sure.

sbs: Do you have any slaves that serve you in real life, outside of sessions?

GB: I do. I have two owned slaves. I call them owned slaves as they wear my collar with my insignia on it and they serve me domestically. One comes from a little further away and is here once a week, while the other is here 3-4 times a week.

sbs: Wow…that would be quite a privilege for them.

GB: LOL…they earn it believe me. I make them work for it 😉

sbs: I’m sure they do! You’re obviously a very powerful woman, you can see just watching you on camera and speaking to you, but do you ever have any slaves in session or online who try to direct the session ie. top from the bottom if you will?

GB: Oh sure, I don’t think any Domme can say they haven’t. It’s all kind of part and parcel of the scene. I pretty much nip it in the bud and don’t put up with that at all though. It’s not tolerated whatsoever.

sbs: I can imagine you would. Have you ever been recognized in public, and if so, how do the slaves react to seeing their ultimate fantasy Goddess?

GB: Yeah, I get recognized sometimes. I was at the taco stand a little while ago and some guy came up to me, and I actually happened to be with Goddess Jamie who is also on some of my foot fetish websites, and so we sat down and talked with he and his buddy and they bought us drinks.

sbs: Very nice…as they should.

GB: Yeah… that was nice. Other times I might get recognized and I can tell they recognize me. I look at them and they look down and then I might get an email later saying “hey I saw you here or there”, but usually they’re quite shy about it lol

sbs: What is your preferred way for an admiring slave to show their appreciation for the privilege of spending time with you, either online, or in person?

GB: It’s always very nice to receive personal gifts, ones that are very thoughtful. Ones that show that the slave knows you well and knows how to please you mean the most to me. Those are such thoughtful gifts and are very much appreciated.

sbs: Do you have slaves that buy you gifts to use in particular videos or sessions?

GB: Oh sure. Different toys or playthings, or clothes…absolutely.

sbs: What role does social media such as Twitter, Skype etc. play in your business?

GB: Twitter obviously a very important marketing tool. It’s a way to keep in contact daily with fans and slaves, submissives out there. Daily contact is very important.

sbs: Making contact with potential news slaves as well, I would imagine.

GB: Definitely. I’m always looking for obedient slaves 😉

sbs: Do all the people in your personal life know about your business, and does that ever create any “complications”?

GB: Pretty much everyone knows about my business and what I do. I don’t like keeping secrets from anyone.

sbs: I would imagine it would be difficult to do that given how well known, and high profile you are.

GB: LOL yes, I’m the one with cool pool parties and a kinky dungeon! They all know where to come for a fun Sunday 😉

sbs: I can imagine. You’ve got a stable of friends to invite over and I can guess it is always more than a little entertaining lol

GB: Yes, absolutely!

sbs: You’ve obviously had the opportunity to work with many Dommes in your career. Anyone in particular you have enjoyed working with and want to give mention to?

GB: Oh…all the ladies at ClubDom, I definitely enjoy that. And you know, there were a few that came in before me and helped to enrich my learning of the FemDom world, like Jean Bardot and Kendra James. So those are people you’re definitely endeared to for me as well as Lady Cheyenne who obviously really helped me blossom and come to fruition in my career. So those three are definitely important for me to mention. As far as sessioning, I’m always open to sessions with new Dommes. If you know any, let me know 😉

sbs: I wish I knew more lol. Thank you Goddess. Let me just say how much I appreciate your patience in setting this up and for suggesting the phone interview to begin with. That was going above and beyond what I was asking for when I first contacted you. Is there anything else you’d like to say to your potential future clients and admiring worshipers that are going to be reading this interview?

GB: I guess it’s a little uncustomary for a Domme to thank her slaves, but sometimes it’s necessary because there’s a lot of people out there that really do show a lot of support and loyalty and some that just attend to me daily online, and I have to thank them. They’re good little submissives and good little sluts and I really appreciate that.

sbs: Well, speaking as one of those, I have to say, it’s not expected but it is nice, as a slave, to know that your efforts, though they’re expected, are also appreciated. That’s very nice to hear from a slave perspective, Goddess.

GB: Good, I’m glad 🙂

sbs: One last question…I’ve asked this a few times and it’s been interesting to see the different responses. If we were conducting this interview in person, as opposed to on the phone, half a continent apart from one another, how would it end?

GB: How would it end? With you on your knees, kissing my feet.

sbs: Ahhh…I would have no objection to that whatsoever!


sbs: Not that I would have a choice, I’m sure, but I wouldn’t resist in the slightest…it would be a privilege.

GB: It’s the way you always greet me and say goodbye every single time we would meet.

Thank you so much for your generosity with your time, your candidness in your responses and for your suggestion of taking this interview to the phone, Goddess Brianna.  You are truly a beautiful woman, inside and out, head to toe.  Slaves reading this interview, Goddess deserves your spoiling by joining her amazing websites, buying her intense FemDom clips, and by purchasing her gifts from her wishlist.  One look at her and you know you’re in the presence of a perfect Goddess.  And if you think you can handle serving her in person, start looking to book your trip to Florida and get ready for that strapon 😉

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