Clip Review: Are You Gay? – Featuring Princess Lexie

by Michael Smith
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The spectacularly gorgeous Princess Lexie is putting your latent desires to the test. She’s long suspected that as much as her perfect long legs, stunning beauty and all-round Goddess looks arouse you, it’s not really what gets you as turned on as you can be.  No…Princess knows you fight just a little too hard not to show how much a big, thick cock makes your mouth water and your ass twitch.  In this forced bi clip, she presents you with video of two studs sucking and fucking and teases and humiliates you about how hard it makes you to watch them in action.

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Will you be able to keep your eyes off the screen as you watch one stud swallowing every inch of another man’s huge dick? Can you focus on Princess Lexie only as she tempts you with these gay training images and pushes you into your darkest desires? The fact that you bought this clip tells Princess Lexie everything she needs to know about you and this is a test you have no chance to pass.  Surrender to your desire for cock and let the gorgeous Princess be your guide to admitting what you’ve so long held back from allowing yourself.  Admit you’re gay to Princess Lexie and she’ll no doubt have something in mind for you to continue your exploration of your true desires in future clips. You’re in good hands with Princess in control little faggot slave!

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Clip Name: Are You Gay?
Models In The Clip: Princess Lexie
Date Reviewed: April 17th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $12.99

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