Feature Interview – Goddess Alexandra Snow

by Michael Smith
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When the legendary Goddess Alexandra Snow agreed to this interview, it absolutely made my day.  I, like so many others, have been a fan of Domina Snow’s amazing work for a very long time.  Her images and video clips are visually stunning and intensely erotic.  As she mentions in this interview, it is very easy for admiring slaves to view a Goddess as a one-dimensional fantasy maker.  I will admit that I knew nothing of Goddess Snow as a person, but through her generosity, this interview was conducted by phone and I had the privileged opportunity to get to know her as a real person more than I ever imagined.  In addition to being stunningly beautiful, Goddess Snow is articulate, intelligent and has a wonderful sense of humor.  Don’t get me wrong, she knows exactly how to keep a man in line, but she did so effortlessly and it came completely naturally for her.  What you see in terms of her persona in her videos is the real Goddess.  I’ve conducted many interviews for this blog, but this was the first opportunity to do so by phone and to hear Goddess Snow explain her philosophy of dominance and submission.  It was enlightening, thrilling and something I won’t soon forget.  Thank you again, Goddess, for your generous willingness to give of your time.  I knew you were an amazing fantasy prior to this, but getting to know the woman behind the images and clips, I’m even more an admirer and fan than ever!


slaveboysmith: How long have you been a Dominatrix, and what was it that brought you to this role?

Goddess Snow: My first serious relationship was strictly Mistress/slave in nature although I wasn’t aware of it at the time and lasted several years. It was the end of this relationship that prompted my involvement with a lifestyle mentor and then to participate in the BDSM community. I found that I really never “fit in” there as it was heavily male dominant/female submissive. I began to pursue a professional white collar career and in the midst of a scenery change, found playing with the occasional male slave was very fulfilling. Then the light bulb went off, so I jumped feet first into the professional domination industry. With a business background, it was easy to distinguish myself and build myself a little empire.

sbs: Would you say you are naturally dominant, or is it more of a roleplay when you are in session or in video clips for your website?

GS: I’m most definitely naturally dominant.  But I’m also very much a real person too.  Anyone in this business must be conscious of the Domme Disease that sometimes befalls others who lose themselves in the role.  I mean let’s face it, the grocery store clerk isn’t going to bow down and kiss your ass because online they all do.  You have to stay grounded and not blur the line between reality and fantasy.

sbs: Some women would say they could do your job in a heartbeat, but it requires far more than being beautiful and looking amazing in fetishwear to take control of a slave.  What skills do you think a successful Dominatrix such as yourself needs to have?

GS: The heart of that answer is understanding the person’s needs and being able to say “yes, I can” or “no, I can’t” meet those needs. This requires compassion and honesty. Commitment, perception, and thorough knowledge of yourself are also necessary. My background in sexual behaviors psychology certainly makes itself useful every day. You have to care about your submissives, even if you’re pretending not to.  You have to be real and cannot fake someone else’s persona.  And you have to be confident because faking it is not going to work.   Be committed to building relationships with your slaves instead of quick encounters and having them lose interest and move along.

sbs: What are your favourite fetishes to explore with your slaves? Is it different for you in person vs in online sessions, or video clips you produce?

GS: Some of my favorite activities include foot worship, bondage, cock control/chastity, slave training, discipline, and medical play. My fetish revolves around control, which means I’ll use whatever methods I feel necessary to get inside a slave’s head. Since everyone is different, this means I need a very wide skill set.. so the list of things I have substantial experience with is quite massive. I’ve done hundreds of sessions hours… there’s really not much I haven’t done. I’m definitely much more sensual and teasing, though I can certainly bring more of an edge when called upon.  I’m definitely not a Humiliatrix, never have been, but I will do so if the session calls for it.  Bottom line, I’m very comfortable with the style I bring because it is who I am as a person.

sbs: Are there any negatives involved in being a Dominatrix?

GS: I believe the worst part is people who believe that you are a one-dimensional fantasy and not a real person. Just because I can be sensual, silly, sadistic, or strict doesn’t mean my personality is any one of those things. I am complex and complicated, just like a real woman. I tend not to get “time wasting subs” like many online Dommes, because I don’t give people the chance to waste my time. Those who don’t follow instructions aren’t blocked or banned, I just ignore them until they figure it out. I am more concerned with people being honest and authentic, knowing what they really want. And finally, the worst part of owning a dungeon is the overhead and learning to share your stuff with others. The worst part of being a business owner is working 50-60 hours a week!

sbs: Have you met many other Dommes? I’ve seen clips of sessions you’ve done with other Dommes. Any that you particularly enjoy working with?

GS: Some Dommes do feel there is competition, but, honestly, for someone at the level I’m at, the only competition is myself.  If someone wants to copy my style or ideas for clips etc. “go for it” and if you can do it better than I can, I’ll adapt and do something else, or work harder to be better.  True confidence is very alluring and if you’re feeling jealous of other Dommes it’s not very pretty or appealing because it shows insecurity. There are pictures of me from various events all over the place with professionals, lifestylers, models, online dommes, and people of all types. I play well with everyone until they give me reason not to, and I’m not easily offended either. I also own a dungeon with three “proteges,” (Kelle, Noel, Audrie) so I have to be on my game if I am to set a good example for them. Being a business owner is challenging and with employees, you need to be more than just naturally dominant if you want them to respect you.

sbs: Are most of the slaves you see “regulars” or do you see many new clients? Do you prefer one over the other? How do you feel about seeing 1st time slaves?

GS: I prefer in-person sessions over online sessions because they are real and there’s no space for playing pretend. When the session is done, they may return to their lives, but for the moment they are in my presence, they are thoroughly mine. This is the same for the first or thousandth session. I see a wide range of slaves, some beginners and lots of regulars.  Many visit from other cities.  With regulars it’s easier to know them and their tendencies and limits better, but 1st timers are also fun.

sbs: How do you know when you have truly broken someone and are completely in control of them? Is there a look you see that tells you when you have a slave completely vulnerable?

GS: Consistency.  When they behave the same way and are obedient as they’ve been taught.  It’s rather difficult online to monitor, or even in person when they’re not in the dungeon.  But seeing their behavior be consistent with what has been expected of them is a sure sign. I don’t break people either, I train them. I mold them. A broken slave is like a broken toy—what good is it if needs to be fixed? This is the difference between fantasy and reality. We can talk about breaking down and forcing obedience in play, but in real life… you have to be truly impressive for someone to be genuinely obedient.

sbs: Have you ever been recognized in public? How does the slave react to seeing his ultimate fantasy Domme in person?

GS: Sometimes, especially in larger cities.  Most don’t say anything but may email afterwards saying “hey I saw you in the grocery store”.  Yes I do shop for groceries lol.  Sometimes they acknowledge seeing me, like in an airport line up leaning over and saying “I have all your videos” – how do you respond to that? Most are discreet if they do recognize me.

sbs: Cash or gifts? What type of tribute do you prefer from your slaves to show they appreciate you and are sincere in their desire to serve you?

GS: Both are nice, but especially gifts that mean something to the submissive are appreciated.  It allows them to feel part of my life.  Slaves often buy items to be worn in videos. Boys who send gifts for my four-legged pets and things that make my life easier/more pleasant without regard for themselves definitely rise to the top of the list. It isn’t about the amount spent, it’s about the thought that goes into it.

sbs: Have you ever been told you look like Anna Silk from Lost Girl?

GS: LOL…definitely!  I always thought Anna Silk was younger than she is but then I found out she’s much older than I am so I’m happy to be told I look like her. She’s beautiful and really, there’s nothing wrong with being told you look like a sexy succubus, right?

sbs: Thank you so much Goddess for taking the time to answer these questions.

GS: My pleasure, slave.  I’m glad we had the chance to talk. 

As advertised, Goddess Snow is a remarkable women.  I hope you enjoyed reading this feature as much as I did in putting it together.  This rare opportunity to be in the presence of such a sensual and commanding woman was indeed a privilege.  Spend some time looking through the various links Goddess Snow has provided and get to know here even better.  Find your way to her websites, buy her clips and, if you’re fortunate enough to live nearby or are traveling to her area of the world, perhaps you’ll have the amazing opportunity to serve her in person.

AlexandraSnow.com My main, gateway site, with links to many others
GoddessSnow.com  For online slaves and my video library
WickedEden.com  For my dungeon and in-person sessions

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