Feature Interview: Goddess AmyLeen Moore

by Michael Smith
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The first time I featured one of Goddess AmyLeen’s clips I thought to myself, “could she be any more perfect?” She’s a beautiful blonde Goddess and has a flawlessly perfect body.  She looks amazing in any fetish attire she wears, and she knows exactly how sexy and irresistible she is.  I thought I had fallen under her spell significantly already, but when I visited her chatroom and watched her interact on cam with her online slaves recently, heard her wickedly sexy French-Canadian accent, and saw just how easily she controlled a room full of slaves, I fell even deeper.  I think it will be evident from the transcript of my recent Skype interview with the perfect Goddess AmyLeen, that I loved interviewing her.  It took a while to match our schedules but once the interview began I was transfixed by her beauty and her responses.  And what made it most intense is Goddess knew exactly the effect her answers were having on me and how to make me want her even more!


slaveboysmith:  It’s a pleasure to be in your presence Goddess AmyLeen.

Goddess AmyLeen:  I am sure it is… you’ve waited so long for this….lmao!

sbs:  Well worth the wait Goddess. Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. I’ve admired you for a very long time.

GA:  Nice to hear

sbs:  I’m sure you hear it often as your slaves moan your name 😉 Well let me begin by asking about how long you’ve been a Dominatrix, and what brought you to this role?

GA:  Nervous slaveboy?  You started typing and erasing over and over…LOL

sbs:  You caught me lol. I do find thinking of a question rather challenging knowing the perfect gorgeous woman I’m sending it to sometimes.

GA:  I’m used to having that effect on men. My first slave came to me as I was waitressing in my early 20’s, he offered to pay me to wear shoes that he bought for me when I was working. He started paying me $500, $600, $700 then $1000 weekly for about 8 months. That was it… I knew how easily I could control men from that moment on.

sbs:  I’m guessing waitressing finished rather quickly after that? Lol

GA:  Waitressing was just a student job for me, but yes, I didn’t need to waitress after that. After the 8 months, I had a down payment for my first condo.

sbs:  Wow that is amazing! I have to say I’m not surprised though. You are absolutely gorgeous. Would you say you are naturally dominant, or is it more of a roleplay when you are in session or on video?

GA:  Naturally dominant, obviously. It’s always been my way or the HWY. But I am friendly and assertive, not a bully style dominant.

sbs:  That sounds very appealing, Goddess. I can imagine men must naturally surrender to you all the time. Can you explain what makes a man want to be your slave? What motivates them to spoil you as they do so easily and hand over absolute control to you?

GA:  Men have always spoiled women to get their attention…nothing new there. To be a domme you need a lot of charisma, sex appeal, leadership and know how to play your cards right.

sbs:  What are your favourite fetishes to explore with your slaves? Is it different for you in person vs in online sessions, or video clips you produce?

GA:  I absolutely love public humiliation. Like asking my slave to clean my shoes with his tongue at a bus stop or taking me shopping and humiliating him verbally as we shop. Such fun! For online, my fav’s are humiliation/blackmail/financial domination. I enjoy degrading my slave with naughty tasks, taking pictures of him and making him pay me not to post them them all over.

sbs:  Both public humiliation like you described and blackmail are appealing and terrifying for a slave. You must love the fear and arousal it creates in them all at once. What is the cruelest thing you have ever done to a slave?

GA:  That’s an easy one. Cutting them off my life. For lack of respect or lying too much they lose the privilege of being mine.

sbs:  That must have destroyed them to never have the ability to serve you any longer. Safe to assume they begged and tried to crawl back often?

GA:  Yes they do… crawling back fees are expensive and they get cut off again afterwards even more easily.

sbs:  I’m sure you have no shortage of slaves wanting to serve you. It is a privilege and any slave who doesn’t recognize it deserves to be sent away. Are most of the slaves you see “regulars” or do you see many new clients? Do you prefer one over the other? How do you feel about seeing 1st time slaves?

GA:  I keep really few real time/service slaves, but those are the ones I see the most. I have some regular slaves that session at the dungeon. And well, it’s always fun to play with a new toy isn’t it? I get a lot of clip fans that want to try a recorded session while in Toronto as well, so I do have new guys regularly. I think I like it all 😉

sbs:  You certainly sound like you truly enjoy what you do Goddess.

GA:  Of course, I am a real time domme.

sbs:  And an amazing one at that. I wish I lived closer! Do any of your slaves serve you outside of sessions? ie. real-life slaves in everyday life?

GA:  I have 2 services slaves at the moment. I had more in the past, but I’m really picky about my real time slaves. My service slaves always tribute for my time. I am very greedy with them too.

sbs:  As you should be. You are offering them something very valuable in allowing them to serve you. This next question is more for in sessions with a slave, although it could apply to long serving online submissives as well, I guess. How do you know when you have truly broken someone and are completely in control of them?

GA:  When the word NO isn’t part of their vocabulary anymore. Then, they totally submit and will obey no matter what I want or say.

sbs:  There must be an incredible sense of power that comes with that moment for you. Can you describe how it makes you feel to know you have absolute control?

GA:  Yes, I get like a rush of adrenaline when I control my slave totally. When I really connect with them in a mutual fulfilling S/M relationship. When they become mine, my pets, my toys.

sbs:  I have to admit that reading your response there makes me ache to serve you in session. Speaking of power, have any of your clients tried to reverse the power dynamic and top from the bottom with you? How do you make sure they realize they are there to serve you, not the other way around?

GA:  One of my most loyal slaves started acting like a little brat and tried to play mind games with me a lot. I gave him a few warning them let him go. Always my way… I am way to powerful and dominant to be topped by a little male bitch.

sbs:  You seem fair and firm, but slaves must live by your rules. Changing gears a little, have you ever been recognized in public? How does the slave react to seeing his ultimate fantasy Domme in person?

GA:  Only in fetish parties so far and mostly from clip fans so it’s turn out to be pretty fun each time 😉

sbs:  I would imagine running into a slave in public would be very tempting for you given how much you said you enjoy public humiliation.

GA:  Most fetish parties have a play area, so yes, it usually gets very wild.

sbs:  That does sound like a lot of fun, Goddess. Clearly you are a woman who deserves to be spoiled and given everything she desires. Cash or gifts? What type of tribute do you prefer from your slaves?

GA:  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

sbs:  I believe that answers that question. LOL

GA:  Actually as a gift, I like SUV’s. I’ve been given two so far.

sbs:  Wait! A slave gave you an SUV as a tribute? Twice?

GA:  Yes, I first took over his BMW X5. It wasn’t new but was custom and an awesome car. Recently he was getting old and since my slave can’t walk anymore and did not need 2 cars I took over his wife’s jeep. That one felt REALLY good.

sbs:  Did his wife know what happened to her vehicle??

GA:  He recently got sick so he couldn’t walk or drive. To keep seeing me he hired me as a “personal trainer” so his wife thinks that is who I am. So we did a “fake sale” for her Jeep to me. We are very sneeky. LOL

sbs:  Wow! That is devious and very ingenious. Does it excite you to have married men as slaves knowing you’re taking them from their wives?

GA:  Extremely! Yes 😉 And in her face too… She really likes me too. If she only knew LOL

sbs:  Should I go back and add homewrecker as a fetish to your answer about favourite fetishes, Goddess?

GA:  No, I don’t want to totally wreck it. I love to be the Mistress. But I sure love to play with fire especially when I have no chance to burn myself.

sbs:  The risk is definitely all on the slave…as it should be. It has been such a privilege to finally connect with you tonight Goddess. I have just another couple of questions if you don’t mind. As we’ve interacted you’ve gotten to know me a little. Can you tell me how my first session with you in person would look?

GA:  I am casual as you enter the dungeon… 5 minutes later, I ask you to get fully naked making you willing to submit immediately. You will then become my vulnerable play toy… ready to be used and abused as I wish for the entire time you’re in my dungeon.

sbs:  I wouldn’t think you’d have to do too much convincing to make me submit to you Goddess. You are both beautiful and very seductive. I feel weak just chatting with you. I can’t imagine how submissive I’d be in your presence for real.

GA:  Hard and hopeless…like all men in my presence 😉

sbs:  Mmmmm indeed. I may have to check flight schedules to Toronto sometime very soon. Of course I’d have to make sure my wife didn’t know what I was going there for.

GA: Try telling her it’s a business trip…I even had a slave that flew to Toronto in his private plan just to do a 4 hour session with me a couple of years ago.

sbs:  That would be nice, except I’m a schoolteacher so I’m not sure how I pass that off as a business trip LOL

GA:  LOL. Teacher seminar, perhaps?

sbs:  Maybe one day, Goddess.  Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions Goddess AmyLeen. Is there anything else you would like to tell your admiring worshipers, and potential future clients, reading this interview?

GA:  Spend spend and spend more. It’s never enough for me. My greed knows no end.

sbs:  And you deserve everything you want Goddess. Thank you for doing this and for making me never want to end this interview. Alas, my wife isn’t far away so I should probably sign off. With your permission, may I post links with this interview so that my readers know where to find you, your clips, and ways to spoil you?

GA:  You may, slaveboy.

sbs:  My pleasure, Goddess. Kneeling to kiss your feet. Thank you so much. It’s a privilege to serve you.

GA:  I’m glad we finally were able to get this done. Keep on retweeting and advertising me like a good boy.

sbs:  Absolutely Goddess. Have a great night. Bye for now 🙂

GA:  bye bye my little pet 😉

It’s obvious to anyone reading this interview that Goddess AmyLeen had me wrapped around her little finger the entire time.  She is so sexy you just know that in session she could entice and seduce you into taking more for her, giving up more of yourself and doing more to please her.  Speaking of giving more to this stunningly beautiful Goddess, her links below await your wallet and hard cock.  Enjoy!


Twitter:  AmyLeen_Moore

Kinkbomb Store

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