Feature Interview: Featuring Princess Lexi Luxe

by Michael Smith
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With hypnotic blue eyes and a sexy British accent, Princess Lexi Luxe already has you weak and ready to submit with just a glance.  She is beautiful, sensual and knows exactly how to control men.  Get to know this amazing Princess as she answers questions from this rather nervous interview slave.  Being in her presence is an experience I highly recommend.  She is as seductive and dominant as she is beautiful!

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slaveboysmith: Joining me today is the very beautiful and sensual Princess Lexi Luxe. As instructed, I am on my knees awaiting her presence. Thank you Princess for the privilege of featuring you.

Princess Lexi Luxe: Well it’s a privilege that not many slaves have the opportunity of having so count yourself lucky 😉

sbs: Indeed I do, Princess Lexi! From my early encounters with you as we’ve arranged this feature interview, it’s very obvious to me that you are a woman who clearly understands her superior position in life. When do you recall becoming aware of the power you have over others for the first time?

PL: Well I have always known that I was powerful from a very young age, even since primary school. If I said to a guy, give me your pen, they would just hand it over lol! All the way through high school I was one of the most popular girls so I knew then I could make any guy just drop to his knees by a click of a finger. When I turned 20, I was an exotic dancer (to some a stripper) and guys would come in especially for me because I would make them weak just with one look. Most men admire my feet so it wasn’t actually a dance they came for but more my powerful aura and cute feet they used to just throw money at lol. My customer’s favourite was slap dances…so rather than a lap dance, guys would pay for me to slap them about the room and make them look ridiculous and weak.

sbs: I can imagine the effect you must have had on them. Was that when you began to realize that female domination was something you were ready to step into, Princess?

PL: Absolutely! A customer who was a submissive said to me that I would make a great Domme due to my sexual aura and powerful, bitchy ways. The fact that I could make any man go against his instincts just to do as I say made me a natural.

sbs: Clearly there are a lot of jealous women out there who would say they could do your job in a heartbeat, but it requires far more than being beautiful and looking amazing in fetishwear to take control of a slave. What skills do you think a successful Dominatrix such as yourself needs to have?

PL: In my opinion, to make a great Domme you need to be open-minded. You must have rules and ensure they are stuck by, and most importantly, be yourself. If you act a certain way and then change in the next breath, to me that appears to be weak and you have no identity which will show through.

sbs: That was very evident recently when you had an encounter with an “insta-Domme” on Twitter who you quickly turned from bratty and disrespectful into humble and subservient. Does it amuse you to put inferior women trying to be Alpha in their place?

PL: That was one of the most amusing things that has happened. For her to come across as Alpha and then within seconds publicly drop to her knees like that was so funny. Like I said earlier, to be a great Domme you need to be yourself, if you change that all respect is out the window.

sbs: And what has become of little Miss pretend to be a Domme? Have you heard from her further?

PL: In all honesty, I have no idea, but she deleted her messages after a lot of Dommes were questioning her status lol.

sbs: I’m sure she’ll find her way back and crawl to her proper place begging to serve you. Has anything like that happened before, Princess?

PL: Not from other Dommes, no, but any submissive that falls to their knees originally will always come crawling back. It’s just a matter of time and patience. When they do, it’s always amusing LOL.

sbs: I can imagine. You’re very irresistible and any who try are destined to return, I’m sure. Can you explain what makes a man, or woman, want to be a slave? What motivates them to spoil you as they do so easily and hand over absolute control to you?

PL: It’s not really a case of what makes them want to be a slave to me. They have always had that submissive nature from birth. It just takes a powerful, dominant woman to pull it out of them. What makes people weak for me is my British accent and my eyes. My eyes can make you do anything 😉 lol

sbs: They are very erotic and enticing to be sure. That was what first caught my attention in browsing your Twitter profile. Though I have to confess, you’re beautiful and much more than just hypnotically sexy eyes 🙂

PL: Well there you go…That’s how it starts 😉

sbs: And the addiction grows quickly! For those caught in your seductive web, what are your favourite fetishes to explore with your slaves? Is it different for you in person vs in online sessions or in clips?

PL: The list goes on and on, if I’m being honest. But my all time favourite is financial domination of course 😉 with a dose of mind fucking, tease & denial and brattiness. Like I love making men totally weak and submissive for my bratty ways and then they just empty their wallets. It’s a powerful feeling but not a new one, I must add.

sbs: You definitely strike me as a woman who can easily disarm a slave with your sensual style and before they even realize it’s happening, they’re handing over everything to you. Safe to say you’re more sensual and seductive than strict and bitchy, Princess?

PL: Well, I kind of agree, but that’s because I’m getting my own way…you should see the clips I have coming out soon. That will completely change your opinion 😉

sbs: Mmmm now there’s a tease!

PL: Exactly! I rest my case 😉

sbs: How do you know when you have truly broken someone and are completely in control of them? Is there a look you see that tells you when you have a slave completely vulnerable?

PL: Well, with my real time slaves it’s much easier to judge because they are shaking, nervous and stuttering their words. I say jump, they ask how high. I say give me your wallet, they say…Yes Miss…no questions asked.

sbs: And online sessions?

PL: It’s the same scenario…they are like scared little boys once they talk to me. That power only makes me stronger and in turn makes them more vulnerable and weak for me to manipulate. Haha I’m getting excited just thinking about it lol.

sbs: You’re getting excited…I’m getting nervous! Lol

PL: It’s only natural 😉

sbs: Good, because I’ve been nervous since we began talking about setting this interview up. I hope I don’t disappoint you at all, Princess.

PL: If I were disappointed, you would know.

sbs: Yes, I suspect that’s the case. Okay, switching gears a little with my next question. Have you ever been recognized in public? If so, how does the slave react to seeing his ultimate fantasy Domme in person?

PL: Well funny you should ask actually, because I was grocery shopping the other day and a couple of guys were walking down the aisle of this supermarket and one of the guys was almost mesmerized by me. He got out his phone to look at something and then started pointing at me and then they were looking back at the phone…so I’m not really sure, but I can only assume that they knew me from online.

sbs: Lol…but they didn’t have the nerve to try to speak to you?

PL: Fuck no! lol

sbs: I would have thought they’d have dropped to their knees and begged to pay for your groceries. Clearly not well-mannered boys!

PL: Haha! Lucky for them they were in a busy supermarket. I would have no qualms with them handing me cash at my feet and kissing my shoes.

sbs: The busier the supermarket the more humiliating for them and amusing for you, no?

PL: Well I was super busy, and had no time for drooling losers at that time…on a different day it might have been a totally different scenario.

sbs: Understandable Princess. One can only tolerate men drooling over them so much, and I’m sure it’s constant for you. You mentioned financial domination earlier. Cash or gifts? What type of tribute do you prefer from your slaves to show they appreciate you and are sincere in their desire to serve you?


sbs: So what you’re saying is…

PL: Every girl loves a gift, but cash is the best. If they cant tribute me to show loyalty, appreciation and desire then that’s no good to me.

sbs: That seems more than reasonable Princess. If I may, would you indulge me one more question please? I have asked this of several other Dommes I’ve interviewed via Skype.

PL: Sure…fire away.

sbs: If we were conducting this interview in person, with me on my knees before you, how would it end?

PL: Oh slaveboy, you’d be emptying that wallet of yours and kissing my cute little feet, of course 😉

sbs: Your feet are extraordinary…I won’t lie and say I hadn’t noticed 😉 Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions, Princess. Is there anything else you would like to tell your admiring worshipers, and potential future clients, reading this interview?

PL: If you can’t tribute or buy a gift, then purchase my clips. Otherwise I’m sure there are new Dommes around that are willing to entertain your needs for free. Tributes, gifts and clip sales…these three things are the best ways to get my attention.

It’s time. You’ve read her responses, drooled over her videos and provocative pictures, and now comes the time to submit.  Bow down and explore all of Princess Lexi’s links below.  Spoil this perfect Princess as she so richly deserves.  You know that resisting her only makes you want to serve her more, right?

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Twitter – @LexiLuxe_
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Amazon Wishlist – SpoilLexiLuxe.com
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Adultwork Profile – adultwork.com/lexiluxe
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