Feature Interview: Duchess Datura D’vine

by Michael Smith
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Typically, I write my own introductions for feature interviews in which I introduce the beautiful Domme you are about to learn more about.  For today’s feature, however, I thought it best to allow the extraordinary Duchess Datura D’vine to introduce Herself in the video above, as well as from Her personal website.  The more time I spend in the presence of Duchess, the more I learn about female supremacy and how far I need to evolve to better embrace my inferior status.  Anything I could say to introduce this physically and intellectually Superior Domme is best said by Her.  Listen and learn fellow slaves.  Duchess has much to teach you about how to properly serve a woman of her Superior status in this world.

“You’ve arrived. This moment is an end and a beginning, for you. Your attraction to Women that can get into your mind, use you, control you…that is not just a kink. The fetish is a symptom of a deeper psychological urge. A natural order. An instinct. You were made to serve. I was made to control you. This realization alone has you aching. I am well known for My unique and creative powers of induction, and My prowess in Hypnosis and methods of Mind Control that range from the euphoric to the unorthodox. It goes without mention that I am also graceful, alluring, and My beauty alone has driven men to delirium…but it bears repeating. I am not known however, for being lenient or naive. While I Myself am an intellectual, cerebral Woman, I am not of the mind that it requires someone of My mental caliber to make a proper slave. Specifically, I know better than to think you capable. It is not your place to think, regardless; you are to listen and obey. There are myriad layers and facets to what I do, which I have generously left you to explore on the path to your proverbial undoing. Go on.”  ~Duchess Datura D’vine~

Datura6 Datura3

slaveboysmith: Joining me today is the absolutely gorgeous Duchess Datura D’vine. Duchess, thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions today. I will admit that both your beauty and sharp intellect and dominance intimidate me a little so I apologize if I’m nervous during this interview.

Duchess Datura D’vine: There’s really no need to apologize for nervousness. On the one hand, you should not feel comfortable or at ease in My presence, considering your standing with Me. On the other, I assure you I really can’t find it in Myself to care all that much. The interview will still get done and luckily for us both I won’t have to actually hear you stammering.

sbs: Yes Duchess, I understand. In all the interviews I’ve conducted, the story behind how a particular Domme got to where she is now, adored by many slaves while dominating men is always a little different. What can you tell me about your journey to becoming one of the most sought after Dommes for admiring slaves to serve?

DD: There isn’t much to tell. I was born very aware of My superiority, raised on a higher standard of living, and My intelligence has always unnerved the weak minded. I was never destined for the silly mediocre life of a prole. There also isn’t much to tell because I simply won’t. I’m aloof. Submissive men are by far My inferiors and thus I am in no way required to divulge My personal past to them. I leak tidbits to those I think deserve them.

sbs: Adding to your alluring beauty as slaves try desperately to know the woman who controls their thoughts, I’m sure. My first foray into your world of domination, and I guess you could say the beginning of my addiction, came with my purchase of your incredible Drainwash clip, which perfectly blends elements of hypnosis/mindfucking with financial domination. What are some of your other favourite fetishes you enjoy bringing to life in your amazing video clips?

DD: Hm. I’ll first say this: I do not bother with the typical fetish-factory approach to clips. In fact, due to how repulsive I find certain types of fetishists to be, I actually produce fewer fetish-centric clips than I would otherwise. What a shame that is for the men, because I’m quite a panty and lingerie fetishist, but until men stop being such apes, I will not be producing a lot of fetish-centric content. Instead, My clips are all aimed at one thing, no matter what they entail: the subversion of the male ego. Everything comes back to that. Always. I am not bringing anything to ‘life’, because it always existed. It was and is always real. I am bringing it to the fore.

sbs: There is no questioning female supremacy and that men must submit to it. It is a privilege to have a woman like you showing us males the proper way to behave in the presence of our Superior. Obviously you are a breathtakingly beautiful woman and as unrefined beasts like we are, men cannot help but be aroused by you. How does it make you feel knowing that men around the world are aroused by, and lusting after your perfect beauty as they watch you? Is it a rush, or just an expected outcome you’ve grown used to?

DD: Why would it be a rush? I nearly scoffed. There is nothing at all that is rare or difficult to achieve about male arousal, and so there’s no need to celebrate it or feel accomplished. It’s a fact of life. It’s not even much of a compliment, since men will fuck anything with a pulse (and sometimes without. Pillows, melons, sponges in a plastic bag… pathetic). Many men like to think that their arousal and masturbation is worship, but I refuse to settle for something so mediocre. What’s more important is that men worldwide have been lured into servitude cock-first. That right now, more and more of them have fallen to the pitfalls of uncontrolled male lust but, luckily, they will be brought along a path of Higher Purpose because it was Me they fell for. I put lust to good use. Furthermore, their intense attraction to My beauty is simply My due. Better genes and all that. It is a fact of life that beautiful people get what they want in this world, even when sexuality doesn’t come into play. So yes, you could say I’m used to it ~

sbs: “I put lust to good use”. That may be the most perfect quote I have come across in all the interviews I’ve conducted, Duchess. Are there men, slaves or otherwise, that have found their way to their Higher purpose with you, Duchess? That have shown themselves worthy of serving you?

DD: All slaves have found a Higher Purpose with Me. There are no exceptions. Men who have not… are not My slaves. I do not see the purpose of letting a man claim the title of ‘My slave’ if it is not good enough to train and improve- and to be honest, one of My mottos is “male improvement by any means necessary’. Making men useful is My goal- I just demand to be paid exorbitantly while doing so. While that seems like a high bar, yes, there are many men who have achieved it. A select group of them have earned the title of ‘cabal slave’, which is, objectively, exactly what it sounds like. There are men indeed who fail My test-I drain them just the same but don’t spend time on them. Many of them return at a later date, their mind having been eaten away by My raw and honest philosophy. The truth cuts deep.

sbs: I can imagine being turned away, unable to serve in your stable of slaves would be the harshest of punishments for most men. Would you ever meet a slave in real life, or are r/t sessions something you have decided will not be in your future?

DD: I already do r/t, but there are two tiers: non-slaves are allowed to meet Me for cashdrops. However, acts of worship, housecleaning, and other in-person experiences are relegated only to long-term slaves. As I am, in person, exactly who I am in clips, I do not avoid the concept of r/t meets. However, as I am intensely arrogant, I do not think that some random man should be allowed the privilege of being in My personal space for too long, no matter what he has paid, unless he has proven himself over time and dedicated himself to being My slave. That being said I do not do ‘sessions’ in the traditional dungeon-Domme sense.

sbs: To be in your presence r/t is to be earned, in other words. How may a potential slave best show their dedication and commitment to serving you, Duchess? And by this, I mean both in their behaviour as well as their financial actions.

DD: It’s simple but it’s not easy. First and most obviously, money speaks volumes. A painslut can take a beating, but a bruise will fade and the wound will heal. Money is gone forever. I want a slave that is willing to give Me the one thing I want from it=money. Financial sacrifice also displays levity and an acceptance of a man’s place; it shows that the potential slave understands that I do not care about his stupid jokes, mediocre personality, or irrelevant body. It shows that he understands that no, masturbation is not worship, and servitude means actual servitude, not just empty promises. That being said, any potential slave must then show that it is capable of staying focused over time- I hate impetuousness. Initiative is also key. I do not deal with men that need their hand held. Overall, a potential slave must be humble and willing to be subjugated. It must accept that its lust and desires are secondary, tertiary even. It must show that this is not just a fetish, but also a life goal and a personal need for purpose. Any men failing this I simply watch glut themselves on My clips and then dismiss. I don’t have time to give guidance to sub par men.

sbs: “Masturbation is not worship”. Another perfect quote from this interview, Duchess. While I admit your stunning beauty drew me to you, your Superior intellect and absolute grasp of the Domme/sub dynamic is most appealing and enlightening. Thank you so much for this incredible privilege. Is there anything else you wish to say to your admiring slaves, and potential new ones who may crawl to you after reading this interview, Duchess?

DD: My good boys have all been given their encouragement today. Any hopeful strays coming My way should simply know to approach accordingly. I am much more strict than what they’ve come to expect of today’s young Dommes, but this is absolutely not roleplay. Read everything twice before contacting Me (that’s including My Niteflirt and My site doitforduchess.com), and do so as if you crawled here on eggshells. Ta-ta~

My nervousness in the presence of such a perfect, commanding woman did ease some as the interview moved along, however, Duchess Datura is a woman you will always strive to serve better.  She demands, and deserves, your best efforts at all times.  She reminded me as I consulted with her on how to make the feature perfect for her that as males, we are not capable of perfection, but must simply work to the best of our abilities to please her.  As I mentioned earlier in this feature, I am learning, and the gorgeous Duchess Datura is a perfect teacher.  Be sure to visit all her links and learn how to serve her to your best of abilities.  She deserves nothing less.


Website – http://doitforduchess.com/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/Duchess_Datura

Wishlist – http://www.deliverycode.com/wishlist/844

Clips4sale Store – http://clips4sale.com/83523

Niteflirt – https://www.niteflirt.com/phonesex/listing?crid=Listing%20link&listing_id=10200683&pid=26094653


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