Daily Fix: December 17th 2023 – Featured Red Bottom Shoe Fetish Clips

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Welcome to the Daily Fix, where we cater to your desires and indulge your cravings with the most enticing and exclusive content. In today’s edition, we’re about to embark on a tantalizing journey as we feature some of the most wonderful Red Bottom Shoe Fetish Clips. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Mistress Karina

You don’t deserve the attention of Mistress Karina, but She is generously letting you stare at Mistress Karina in Her Louboutins whilst She relax in bed rinsing losers. At one point She even turn to the camera and flip you off! OMG!! You’re welcome!!!

You can buy this amazing clip on the video store of Mistress Karina.

Goddess Eva De Vil

To me, these ruby red soles mean sacrifice. The sacrifice of the good beta worshiper that bought them for me. And now you’re sacrificing a little bit of your paycheck to be able to look at them and stroke for them. But you know me, I always want more, and I’m looking for a special bitch to sacrifice enough to truly make me happy by being my dedicated luxury slave and give me all the purchasing power.

Increase your addiction to Goddess Eva De Vil by downloading this clip from Her video store.

Princess Aurora

You stare from a far at my perfect red soled heels, you obsess over the perfect shape they create around my feet, the high arch, the severe point, the bright red shimmer of the red soles. You have been aroused and desperate at the sight of them for so long. Now is your chance to worship them. Now you have permission to jerk to my instruction as you kiss, stroke and admire those beautiful shoes on my feet.

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Mistress Dee

My little bitch, are you ready to be trampled? You can start by giving my perfect ass a kiss And then, in this pov, I am going to trample you in my beautiful heels. I dangle them as I tease you and remind you that you paid for these… and now… I’m going to trample you in them. Are you ready? I’m not going to be gentle.

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Princess Arielle

You’ll forever be a slave to rich hot women’s feet. Admit it, worshiping expensive high heels is your weak spot. So luxurious, classy & sleek .. way hotter than you bitch boy. You can’t get enough of being a slave to my rich bitch feet. You wanna lick the dirt of the bottom of these heels that cost more than your rent? Worshiping My expensive items that you’ll never have. If you work hard enough & starve yourself for a month you might just be able to put your pennies together & buy Me a pair. That’s the only way you could get Me to notice your peasant ass. Such a privilege it is, the fact that I allow you to worship my expensive ruby red soles.

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For more exciting Red Bottom Shoe Fetish clips, be sure to visit this page. There, you can explore a treasure trove of seductive and wonderful Red Bottom Shoe Fetish content, updated regularly to fulfill your desires.

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