Daily Fix: January 31st 2024 – Featured Premature Ejaculation Clips

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Experience a symphony of passion and pleasure in our DailyFix, featuring a curated lineup of Premature Ejaculation Clips. Let each artist and clip speak to your desires.

Goddess Blonde Kitty

Hi little premie bitch! Goddess Blonde Kitty knows just how easy it is for you to start stroking, and two minutes later the fun is over. So this is a JOI specifically for you! She is going to tease you very gently, so you will have a chance to actually finish watching a clip before you cum. But once Goddess Blonde Kitty give you your commands to stroke, you’re going to be jerking like a good little submissive slut, pumping that cock closer and closer exactly as you’re told to. But you must not cum before you’re allowed, or there will be punishments. And really, when She is wearing an outfit as hot as this, who knows if you will make it 😉

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Goddess Lexi

Hey premie, look at how excited you are already! 😉 Just the fact that I acknowledged you for what you are.. a little premature ejaculator! You’ve turned this little misfortune into something that you are so happy about. Men love feeling accomplished in life.. they love a good challenge. Most Men try to see how long they can last, but not you. You’re not like most men. you’re on the other end of the spectrum. You’re a little premie! I want you to beat your own little premie record and see how fast you can blow it! 😉

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Goddess Gracie Haze

I am sooo generous! Giving you a gift that just keeps on giving! And lucky you – I’m letting you open it early! The gift of being a premie for Me! I am going to take complete control of your cock, making you blow faster than you ever thought you could. What a lovely gift! Of course it will ruin any chances you have with women but that is just an additional gift that comes with it. A little bonus! The quicker you cum the happier Goddess will be with you. It’s a win-win scenario – you get a gift from Goddess and I take over even more control of you.

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Queen Carmella

Although you’re leaking and throbbing in your pants and you know you’re utterly fucked at trying to resist and last longer than 30 seconds, You need to learn that you cum on my command, and you do INSTANTLY. You’re supposed to be trained so well, that when I give you the green light, you explode so instantly, even if that means holding it in in complete agony until I allow it! I always make the rules regarding your orgasms, despite your embarrassing, pathetic little premie problem for such perfection and beauty!

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Princess Rea Rays

Sex is always going to be disaster for you. You just can’t help it, can you? You cum so fast no matter what you do. It’s soooo embarrassing. You can’t help but love it when I humiliate you about it, lol. You’re so pathetic you shouldn’t even try try to have sex. Like, ever. Just pump to my pretty lingerie.

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