Daily Fix: November 27th 2023 – Featured OTK Spanking Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Searching for the finest OTK Spanking fetish clips? Your curated list awaits! Dive in now and explore the best of the best of Over The Knee Spanking Clips.

Mistress Tess

Here’s a good old fashioned over knee spanking delivered by Mistress Tess’ beautiful hands. Stripped naked to remind him firmly of his place below Her, the slave has the privilige of taking his punishment across Her lap, no doubt this feels especially nice as She’s dressed in a gorgeous red leather catsuit that clings to all Her curves. It doesn’t take very long for his ass to go the same shade of red as Her catsuit as She spanks him over and over again. To finish him off and drive home the message, Mistress Tess picks up a paddle and soundly punishes the slave for no other reason than She can!

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Miss Suzanna Maxwell

The hairbrush is the most underestimated implement in My arsenal and I have collected a plethora of them over the years. Different shapes and sizes, varying textures and finishes and today I’m going to test out some My favourites on My slaves backside. I pull him over My stocking clad knee and set to work warming up his skin. I make him guess the type of each hairbrush one by one as they pummel his cheeks. Each one colder and crueller than last he soon loses his ability to talk which just spurs Me on. For every correct answer he will be rewarded, he should really know them all as they have become great friends over his numerous beatings………. in fact I would be personally offended with each wrong answer.

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Mistress Stella Liberty

Once again you are being a naughty boy and I am sick of your shenanigans. Stop interrupting me when I’m doing something! The only cure for your problematic attitude and the complaints being filed against you at school is a nice hard spanking over step-mommy’s knee. I will spank you so hard your tushy will shake and your cheeks will glow bright red. I can’t wait to make you behave with my trusty wooden spoon, it always gets the trick done.

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Mistress Ezada

A sissy doesn’t need a cock, it needs a clitty. And how do you get a sissy to have a clit? One method I use is to make sure that the sissy doesn’t have a cock, as in something that can get an erection, by not giving it any reason to, but on the contrary, inhibiting it from that. First by locking it in a chastity cage, and then, for example by subjecting the sissy to procedures that are anything but arousing for her. This sissy hates pain and humiliation, so I give it a weekly punishment – an over the knee spanking. I put her tight ass on My lap, lift the sissy skirts covering it, and spank it, with My hands, but also with a nice heart shaped paddle, until it gets bright red and the sissy moans in pain. The redder her ass is, the smaller the sissy’s clit becomes, so I will keep spanking it, until I’m pleased with the result. And then it will be time to train her “pussy”.

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Lady Ruby Onyx

My naked and caged slave knew exactly what he signed up for when I summoned him to serve, yet he still wasn’t able to successfully complete his chores! Cue a sore, raw and unrelenting punishment! I slip on my leather gloves and bend the little bitch over my knees, before raising my hand and striking down firmly on his bare bottom! In order to add insult to injury I made him count every spank out loud! Precum on my leather trousers will only get him in more trouble, so concentration was paramount! Take a look at a slave learning his lesson, very fast indeed!

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