Daily Fix: November 24th 2023 – Featured Orgasm Control Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Experience a symphony of passion and pleasure in our DailyFix, featuring a curated lineup of Orgasm Control fetish Clips. Let each artist and clip speak to your desires.

Goddess Bratty Bunny

You don’t deserve a normal sex life. You deserve Chastity Sex For Life. You need to be locked up in a cage. You need to feel the pressure of it against your hard leaking dick. Goddess Bratty Bunny is giving you this option for denial because it’s the best one for you. No regular sex. Goddess Bratty Bunny putting your cock in a pussy, just in a cage. You don’t deserve a normal orgasm ever again. You get ruined, you get weak helpless leaking, you get cum denial. It’s the best path for you, She have decided. You will do as She say.

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Goddess Mina Thorne

I know you’re desperate, but don’t ever forget what you are, a slave. And lucky you I only allow slaves to cum under one circumstance only, when they ruin that orgasm. Ruined orgasm are such an effective training tool, they are shortcut to your brain and a way to fine tune and program desired behaviors. To really drive My point home, it’s not going to be enough that you ruin it in one day, so you’ll jerk to the point of orgasm while I count you down, you’ll abandon it as it starts to squirt forth, and then you’ll bend over and lick up every drop of that slave slime.

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Princess Camryn

You’ve had all year long to make it onto my “nice list.” All year to sacrifice in order to spoil me properly. I want you to take this moment before the rush of the holidays to spend a relaxing moment with me. Doing what you love the most: stroking and sending. Consider this your Christmas gift to yourself! I want to remind you just how “nice” I’ve been to you all year. Allowing you many orgasms, challenges, and games. Even the pain and punishments have brought you pleasure. You’ve consumed so much of my content over time. My many clips, the teasers I post to social media and my fanpage. All the attention you’ve received from me. All the mindfuckery and training. Even now, I allow you to stroke as I roll around in this hot, festive outfit. Giving back to me is so easy. Pleasing me is so simple. Show me just how grateful you are and send me that nice Christmas bonus. I deserve it all, slave.

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Lady Toro

Despite your unworthiness, you still can’t help but want to cum for me. The thought of you even touching that gross cock of yours digusts me, but I decide to humor your desires and play with you anyway. Get out your hitachi and get ready to edge yourself while I humiliate you and remind you what a loser you are. Will I even let you cum?

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Goddess Seira

I revel in My cruelty and delight in controlling My slave’s orgasm. Today’s victim is fully prepared, completely tied and kneeling on My bed. There is no escape from My ultimate tease and denial. I will sensually tease him, rub his cock, stroking it fast, only to stop right before he is about to climax. his frustration will be immense, but I do not care. In fact, I want him to feel both frustrated and aroused at the same time. My power over him is absolute, and I relish every moment of it.

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