Daily Fix: February 10th 2024 – Featured High Heels Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Experience a symphony of passion and pleasure in our DailyFix, featuring a curated lineup of High Heels Fetish Clips. Let each artist and clip speak to your desires.

Princess Mackayla

Don’t you love when Princess Mackayla get dressed up? She knows that when you see Her in a cute dress you just think of the sexy heels She have on Her feet. Princess Mackayla means they really do complete a look. But it does something more to you. It drives you crazy. She knows that you’re staring at them right now…

You can buy this amazing clip on the video store of Princess Mackayla.

Lady Perse

Time for cigarette break with this slave. Today he will serve me as human ashtray and foot worship bitch! He could lick, kiss my divine high heels and feet!

Download this clip on the video store of Lady Perse.

Goddess Penelope

You know your place, don’t you? Down on your knees like a lowly Loub boy should. Don’t you ever forget your place. Get your tongue out, I want to see how keen you are to get to work. Can you see my red soles, divine aren’t they? Do you think you can afford a pair? £600, and obviously now I’ve worn these, the resale would be astronomical. You love seeing my Loubs dangle from my dainty feet. I want you to lick the soles and be ready to catch my red bottom heels before they fall to the ground. I want you to lick all over and show me what that mouth can do. Awww, I forgot to let you stroke…but I know you did anyway because you’re so turned on, aren’t you my lowly Loub boy.

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Miss Feet Wonders

Thank you for buying me these gorgeous heels. I have my leather shorts on- since I know you love my legs and leather. Let me give you a JOI…

Know more by downloading this clip on the video store of Miss Feet Wonders.

Lady Toro

Don’t these heels look good on me? Especially knowing you spent your hard earned money on them. You just love dressing up these feet in the cutest shoes you will find. And I will gladly take your money and keep spending it. You work, I spend, and when I tease you with my pretty feet you realize I’m worth every penny.

Increase your addiction to Lady Toro by buying this clip from Her video store.

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