Daily Fix: January 30th 2024 – Featured Glove Fetish Clips

by Celebrity Slave
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Experience a symphony of passion and pleasure in our DailyFix, featuring a curated lineup of Glove Fetish Clips. Let each artist and clip speak to your desires.

Goddess Crystal Knight

There’s just something about sexy latex gloves that makes your mind weak & leaves your cock throbbing. Goddess Crystal Knight will tease you and paint the dirtiest pictures in your mind about what you want to happen while She is wearing these gloves. Goddess Crystal Knight rub them against Her body as She encourage you to stroke harder. It’s such a turn on getting a right on edge so quickly as She use your kinks against you. You dream of feeling these wrapped around your cock. You ache to cum all over them. She is feeding into all your fantasies today, Her latex gloves are going to drain every last drop out of your cock. Guaranteed.

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Lady Bellatrix

I heard you love getting finger fucked. That you just love it when I Domme stretches your butthole wide with her fingers. It’s your lucky day as I am about to offer you five different options! As I present My textured fingering glove, you will be mesmerised by all the different sensations! I start with the middle finger which is shaped like a cock. Can you imagine how it will feel when I penetrate you with it? Next I plunge My ribbed index finger in and out. Those bumps and grooves will set you off internally. Then I try the pinky finger which is butt plug shaped. The ring finger has some nice ridges on it which will I’m sure will drive you insane as I slide it in and out of your mancunt.

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Spoilt Princess Grace

You’re the perfect loser, absolutely pathetic. This is the whole reason you’re a slave, you add up to nothing, just an unfuckable beta loser cuck. No woman whats to touch you. Gross little virgin scum. you’re sacrificing even more for Me, I already have all your money, house and cars and now the ultimate sacrifice is for Me to take your balls away from you slave. I’m demanding you because I’m worth it.

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Princess Becky

Come and let your goddess take full control of your wank especially in this outfit isn’t she just dreamy loser, don’t drool to much. ITS RUDE Let’s see if you can make it to the end an see if your up for the challenge will I allow you to cum or deny you of that pathetic load now on those knees beneath me where you belong with that cock in your hand ready to beg an please your GODDESS!

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Mistress Youko

Mistress Youko, clad in numerous leather gloves, sensually strokes her slave’s black, leather-gloved hands in silence, relishing the sounds. The sounds of leather on leather and her mesmerizing smile is going will put you in a fetish trance.

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