Daily Fix: February 11th 2024 – Featured Face Slapping Fantasy Clips

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Welcome to the world of wonderful Face Slapping Fantasy Clips. Let each artist and clip speak to your desires, offering a journey into the seductive world of Face Slapping Fantasy Clips. Explore the enticing realm of Face Slapping Fantasy Clips now.

Mistress Courtney

Cheeky slaves deserve to be slapped. Face slapped. To have their cheeky mouths filled with spit. Mistress Courtney wants Her slaves cheeks rosey red. Putting him in his place as Her palms makes contact with his face. Slapping, grabbing and teasing him. The spit f Mistress Courtney running down his face, a shaking mess when She is done.

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Goddess Nova

I was minding my business at the gym, enjoying a sweaty workout, when I noticed this ugly toothpick of a man perving on me. He couldn’t take his eyes off of me. My annoyance grew until I came up with a plan to lure him back to my hotel room and correct this disgusting behavior. I bullied and belittled him for his ugly appearance, slapped him around, and repeatedly shoved his face in my sweaty armpits. I made him sniff them until he was practically crying and apologizing profusely. He learned his lesson and will never make the same mistake again.

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Mistress Kennya

The slut wants it so much, he is begging to get my strapon in his ass, but to get fucked by me he needs to earn it, because I am not here to make him happy. He is only there to make me happy.

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Miss Feet Wonders

You’ve been watching porn without my permission? Watching foot face slapping and spitting? Let me turn your fantasies into reality. Next time you must ask for permission. This clip involves foot face slapping and face spitting.

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Goddess Seira

I want to play a card game. My slave must guess whether the card I draw is black or red. If he gets it right then he gets a reward which is My spit but if he gets it wrong then he gets a face slapping equal to the number on the card as a punishment. How unfair this game is!

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