Daily Fix: January 7th 2024 – Featured Extreme Domination Clips

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Unleash your fantasies with DailyFix, presenting a carefully curated showcase of Extreme Domination Clips. You are already aroused by the thought of Extreme Domination. Immerse yourself in the diverse artistry and alluring videos.

Goddess Vivienne L’Amour

The terrified sub is cruelly treated by Goddess Vivienne L’Amour with extreme humiliation and throat fucking whilst he is bound by the neck and wrists in medieval stocks. As he sobs with fear and shame Goddess Vivienne L’Amour stretch his fuckhole with Her fingers and pound him roughly with Her strapon – never ceasing with his humiliation.

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Lady Bellatrix

My kitchen servant finds himself in a precarious position as he is shackled at the top of the stairs. I have meticulous attention to detail and I noticed a crumb in a My kitchen. I’m not pleased. I have no choice but to ball bust him to teach him a lesson. He apologises profusely but I’m not done with him. As I berate him, I continue to knee him between the legs repeatedly. After several more swift kicks to the nutsack, I make him lick his ball sweat off My beautiful but bruised feet.

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Goddess Nova

You’ve been with me for a very long time. Many of those years spent in chastity, completely dedicated to me in every way possible. I’ve kept you perpetually denied for as long as I can remember… conditioning you to love the way denial feels. You’ve talked at great length about letting you join my very special Cult someday, letting you make the ultimate sacrifice for me. But after giving it some more thought I’ve come up with a plan that’s much more suitable for you. You’ll still be going under the blade for me… but this time I’ve decided to leave the balls untouched. That’s right. I’m taking your clitty and sentencing you to a lifetime of perpetual blue balls. The ultimate gift of denial. I know how infatuated you are with this little pink blade I love to use on my slaves. I want you to stare into these pretty blue eyes and beg me to seal your fate… as my blue-balled, dickless bitch FOREVER.

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Princess Arielle

You’ve been fantasizing about being branded by My hot iron! To feel it burn into your skin & be permanently marked by the beast. Worship your God in every way, sacrifice your body to Princess Arielle. I want you to be reminded of your place, branded & owned like the slave you are!

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Empress Jozefien

I love making disgusting objects stroke to how much I can’t stand them while taking all their money. Watch me as I tease you.. unzipping my corset, bringing your eyes closer to the screen.. revealing my covered tits to taunt you further. I am going to wreck you, stomping all over your ego. Buy this clip if you want a hot, degrading, wallet draining hate stroke.

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