Clip Review: Lose The Bitch – Featuring Goddess Foxx

by Michael Smith
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You have no wife.  So says the perfect Ebony Goddess Foxx as she informs you that she will no longer tolerate the way your wife gets in the way of you serving Her needs.  From now on, you belong to Goddess Foxx, and your wife is a fading memory.  Take off your wedding ring…forget about your marriage…you have no wife.  Over and over again, Goddess programs you to forget and move on.  Your only focus should be on her beautiful body, her perfect seduction and her voice.  Listen as she takes you from your wife completely.  You belong to Goddess Foxx.
This is an incredibly powerful homewrecker clip from the beautiful Goddess Foxx.  Repeatedly, she conditions you to leave your wife, to forget you were ever married, and move ahead with your future on your knees serving Her wishes.  She doesn’t share her pets with others, and your wife needs to disappear from your life.  Of course you’ll divorce her.  She is nothing but a nuisance and part of your life before you realized your true purpose as Goddess Foxx’s slaveboy.  That’s a good boy.  You have no wife.  Only Goddess Foxx matters now.  Focus on what is before you, the perfect Superior Black Goddess of your dreams.  Bow down and offer yourself without conditions to your Owner, Miss Foxx.  Your marriage is over, but your life as Goddess Foxx’s perfect pet is just beginning!

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Clip Name: Lose The Bitch
Models In The Clip: Goddess Foxx
Date Reviewed: October 15th,2015
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $9.99

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