Clip Review: Goth Girl Groupie Backstage Bang – Featuring Lady Fyre

by Michael Smith
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As a rock star, you’ve had your share of sexy groupies in short skirts and ready to fuck.  It takes something pretty special to catch your eye now, and tonight is just such a night.  As you bring the sexy redheaded Gothic girl backstage, you can’t take your eyes off her.  She’s gorgeous with heavy dark makeup and black leather.  Her tits are spectacular and peeking out of the top of her jacket.  Her fishnet pantyhose are hot as hell and this girl is ready for fun.  How far will she let you go? You reach for her tits and she slaps your hand away teasing you.  Eventually, she gives you what you are throbbing for and lets you play with her tits and even takes your cock out and begins sliding it between them.  It feels so good tit-fucking this backstage hottie, but nothing compared to how amazing her pussy would feel.
Fyre1 Fyre2
As she slides down your cock, her pussy swallowing every inch of you, it feels so damn good you have to hold back from blowing your load.  You feel it building but before she lets you cum, she lifts off you and goes back to fucking your cock with her spectacular breasts.  She tells you she wants you to shoot your cum onto her tits.  This girl is turned on by being in complete control and you’re more than happy to surrender.  After covering her amazing tits with your load, she stands up and puts her leather jacket back on.  Without a word, but a knowing glance, she leaves as you lay there, cock glistening, wondering what just hit you!
I will admit that sexy Goth girls are a real weakness for me.  So when I saw the gif for this clip and saw how HOT Lady Fyre looked, I had to buy it. As a bonus, she works over an amazing cock I will assume belongs to her stud husband, Mr. Fyre.  Watching Lady Fyre work that cock with her breasts and then ride it, is something else! What an absolute Goddess she is, and as a sexy, dominant backstage Goth girl, she’s perfect 🙂

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Clip Name: Goth Girl Groupie Backstage Bang
Models In The Clip: Lady Fyre
Date Reviewed: October 12th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $15.99

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