Clip Review: Expensive Desire – Featuring Goddess Amanda

by Michael Smith
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A woman like Goddess Amanda is dangerous for so many reasons.  She is obviously drop-dead gorgeous and her body could make you tremble with desire.  But what sets her aside from the typical hot girl you might come across is that Goddess Amanda understands the link between a man’s cock and his wallet.  She knows that once she has you hard and wanting, she can make you do almost anything.  Watch as she teases you in her sexy blue lingerie, flaunting that body that keeps you awake at night throbbing for her, and feel yourself weakening.  She has you hard, doesn’t she? Finding it a challenge to think clearly, are you? She has you right where she wants you. 
She’ll let you stroke…in fact, she’ll encourage it.  She wants you right on that edge because that’s where you’re most vulnerable.  You need her permission.  To cum without it wouldn’t be the same, now would it? But that permission to release for your perfect Goddess isn’t going to come easy.  It has to be earned.  Your desire for Goddess Amanda is at maximum and she knows exactly how to apply that pressure to make you do as you’re told.  With the promise of release for your Goddess, you find yourself willing to offer her anything she wants.  Your desire to please her and pleasure yourself at her direction will be your most expensive weakness.  But the finest things in life do tend to cost, don’t they slave? What price do you put on serving a beautiful lingerie-clad Goddess? You’re about to find out how much you’re willing to give, aren’t you?

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Clip Name: Expensive Desire
Models In The Clip: Goddess Amanda
Date Reviewed: October 11th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $12.99

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