Clip Review: Fembot Love & Fembot Heartbreak – Featuring Goddess Sasha Mizaree

by Michael Smith
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Fembot love & Fembot Heartbreak

She’s the woman of your dreams…everything any man could desire.  She’s programmed to be perfect in every way, including learning what arouses and excites you.  Unlike any woman before, the gorgeous Fembot Sasha will quickly ascertain your fetishes and secret desires.  Your 30 day trial is almost over, and being completely honest, you’ve forgotten she’s not a real woman and have found yourself falling in love with Sasha.  She’s beautiful, sensual and seductive, and she’s everything you’ve always wanted in a woman.  Her body is perfect, her face is beautiful, and she’s always wearing sexy fetish attire like the hot pink shiny skirt and studded corset she’s wearing today. 
There’s no question that you’ll purchase this perfect Fembot as  your trial period expires, but today, on your final day of that trial, beautiful Sasha has something to tell you.  She’s programmed to learn and adapt, and she’s very intuitive.  She knows that you’ve fallen in love with her, but she, of course, feels nothing for you.  She does, however, recognize your weakness for dominant and in control women.  Your fetish for Femdom is as obvious to her as can be, and she’s decided to enslave you herself.  It won’t be difficult for her.  After all, she’s aware of every fantasy and fetish you have.  Every weakness and vulnerability is there for her to exploit.  How does it make you feel knowing that this Fembot you thought you’d buy to give you pleasure is going to be taking over your life and having you devote yourself to serving her wishes and needs? Man vs Machine? It was never even close! On your knees before your perfect Goddess of your dreams and try to remember she’s not real no matter how real your servitude becomes.

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Clip Name: Fembot Love & Fembot Heartbreak
Models In The Clip: Goddess Sasha Mizaree
Date Reviewed: October 10th,2015
Where the clip is available: Kinkbomb
Cost of the clip: $12.99

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