Clip Review: Evil Sisters – Featuring Mistress Mikaela Witt & Miss Mikayla Bayliss

by Michael Smith
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Of course you’ve noticed your wife’s two hot younger sisters.  How could you not? They are both stunning blondes with perfect bodies and they’re flirty as hell.  They’ve always taken great pleasure in teasing you, especially when your wife is in the room, watching your reaction and laughing at how uncomfortable they make you.  You’ve always sensed that they really do despise your wife.  She’s so different than her sisters…not nearly as beautiful, far more reserved sexually, and it would seem she wasn’t all that nice to her younger, sluttier sisters as they grew up.  Whatever the reason for the ill will between your wife and her hot sisters, Mikaela and Mikayla, they’ve decided to hit her where it hurts most, by ruining her marriage…or at least doing some damage to it. 
With your wife in the next room, Mikaela and Mikayla decide the time is right to strike.  Barely dressed in their sexy black bikinis and heels, the perfect blonde duo begin to tease and seduce you into stroking for them.  Watch as they kiss and touch each others perfect bodies and feel yourself losing control.  Your wife could walk in at any moment and there you are with your raging cock in hand watching her two gorgeous blonde younger sisters laying on the bed making out with one another.  They want you to stroke.  They want you to cum, in fact.  And they don’t plan for this to be a one time thing either.  From now on, your wife’s sisters plan to make you their jerkoff zombie, teasing you relentlessly every chance they get.  And you’re powerless to resist their teasing and tempting ways.  You married the wrong sister, they tell you, but deep down you know that you couldn’t handle either of the sisters on their own, let alone together! Your marriage is at risk, and you’re counting on them keeping quiet about how easily they can make you stroke for them.

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Clip Name: Evil Sisters
Date Reviewed: October 10th,2015
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $9.99

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