Clip Review: Always A Submissive Pet – Featuring Bratty Princess Nikki

by Michael Smith
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It’s no use.  You have to realize you never stood a chance, right? From the moment you first fell under Princess Nikki’s spell, you were an owned submissive pet.  Try as you might, you can’t walk away without immediately feeling the pull of her seductive spell luring you back as you crawl back to where you belong.  Face your reality like a man…you are a submissive through and through.  Bow before Princess Nikki and admit she is your Superior in every way.  She’s smarter than you, knows you better than you know yourself and can exploit any weakness you have.


And your greatest weakness, of course, is your lustful desire for Princess Nikki’s spectacular beauty.  From her beautiful sun-kissed skin to her sensational curves that are almost impossible to comprehend, she is your kryptonite in every way.  Kneel and gaze up at her perfect long legs.  Hear your soft moan escape your lips as she turns and you lay eyes upon her delectable ass.  You’re exactly where you belong.  Your search for perfection is complete.  You belong on your knees for your perfect Princess Nikki.  Your lot in life is to serve Princess Nikki, to cater to her every need on command.  Be a good boy and serve your Princess well.  You know she is everything you could ever dream of in a woman, and that you’re not nearly worthy to be anything more than her submissive pet.  Accept the privilege of slavery she has bestowed upon you.  You can easily be replaced by an eager to please boy waiting behind you if you don’t measure up.

As you no doubt realize, I’m hopelessly addicted and in love with Princess Nikki.  This clip hit home for me as I watched and recognized that she could easily have been talking directly to me.  I love serving Princess Nikki, have purchased many of her incredible clips, and this is a must have.  Princess is a spellbinding beauty unmatched in her ability to wrap a man around her finger and use him for her pleasure and amusement.  You will love her outfit in this clip, you will drool over how perfectly it shows off her considerable assets and you will feel her hold on you deepen every time you watch this incredible clip! Embrace your position…on your knees and ready to serve.

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Clip Name: Always A Submissive Pet
Models In The Clip: Bratty Princess Nikki
Date Reviewed: May 22nd,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $12.99

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