Thursday May 21st 2015

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Trixie Miss


michael’s Panty Instructions is Trixie Miss’s new clip on iWantClips today and She looks so hot in Her pink latex dress as She spits out instructions for Her lucky slave michael who is receiving a pair of Her panties in the mail. She has specific demands for him for receiving such a divine gift.


All of Her slaves received a divine gift today as She posted a 2nd clip on iWantClips later in the day. Respond to My Image Hypnosis will have you seeing red, in a good way. Her red lips guide into a world She has created for you. Buy the clip and see where She takes you.


Princess Samantha


Princess Samantha graced Her losers with this hot cuckold clip on iWantClips today. In Cucked, Useless Maggot of a Husband! She is bored with Her husband and tell him how things are going to be from now on.


She was busy filming more clips for Her minions to stay addicted to. She knows exactly how to make them weak and completely at Her will. Buy all of Her clips on iWantClips and feed your addiction!


Lady Olivia Fyre


Plastic Pussy for Cucky Husband is Lady Olivia Fyre’s new clip She posted to Her iWantClips store today. She looks amazing in those black stockings as She sets Her husband straight. Most Mistresses just leave their husbands hanging but She has a plan for his release. you guessed it, in a plastic pussy.


Goddess Jasmine


Goddess Jasmine was making Her slaves weak as She teased them in Her shiny silver pants and top. She looks so devilishly seductive I don’t think any loser will care what She has them doing. they just want to stroke for Her in Vicious Cycle Her new clip on  iWantClips.


Princess Mackayla


Just to Make you Jealous

Princess Mackayla takes the cake today because She release FIVE new clips on Clips4Sale today! Yes FIVE! Go buy them all and tribute Her for being so generous and greedy.

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Lap It Up puppy CEI 


Reminder for All My Ass Addicted Worker Bees




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