Clip Review: Bratty Girls Corrupt The Dean – Featuring Goddess Jessica and Goddess Lindsey

by Michael Smith
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It’s graduation time, and the Dean decides to interview two of the most beautiful seniors from his high school for a project that will be looked back at in 10 years.  The idea seems innocent enough as the Dean naively asks Goddess Jessica and Goddess Lindsey about their plans for college.  The girls laugh in his face as they inform him that their plan for what they’ll do after high school doesn’t include college or working.  Instead, they explain to him how they’ll use older men to take care of their needs and desires.  The Dean is understandably off balance by the candidness of the girls responses and foolishly asks what they mean by “using older men”.


As the Goddess’ eyes light up at his question, the Dean is given a full force sampling of exactly how persuasive and manipulative these teasing beauties can be.  From respected Dean of high school to kneeling slaveboy in an instant, the Dean finds himself surrendering his car…and his future to these seductive Temptresses.  What began as a nice idea for two graduating girls has turned into a lifetime of supporting and serving two perfect Goddesses.  I hope you didn’t have plans to put your own kids through college there Dean, because any money you have will be given to your two favourite sexy students who now own you completely.  Any clip with Goddess Jessica and Goddess Lindsey together is heaven for any slave viewing it.  They are the ultimate blonde/brunette Domme duo and they don’t disappoint in this highly erotic clip. The blend of humiliation and teasing is perfect.  Both Goddess are spectacularly hot in this clip, as they always are, and the element of older man succumbing to the predatory advances of controlling young girls is irresistible.  This clip is a must have for any fan of either Goddess.  Enjoy, and I challenge you not to explode the instant you watch Goddess Jessica tracing her tongue over Goddess Lindsey’s spectacular ass.  Good luck on that one!

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Clip Name: Bratty Girls Corrupt The Dean
Models In The Clip: Goddess Jessica and Goddess Lindsey Leigh
Date Reviewed: May 25th,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $24.99

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