Friday May 22nd 2015

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Bratty Nikki


Princess Nikki posted this hot sissification clip to Her iWantClips store today. In Nikki’s Sissy Waitress Bitch She tells you what to expect for a long night of waiting on and serving Her friends.


She got SO any packages today! She knows She is spoiled and She loves it! Click on the pic above to get to Her wish list to add to Her every growing present pile.


you can read Her clip review on Always a Submissive Pet written up by @onmyknees4Her here in DommeAddiction! Click the pic to read the review now!


Princess Lexie


Princess Lexie updated Her Clips4Sale store with Her new clip Forever a Virgin. She explains to you why you are going to be a virgin forever.


She knows it’s your responsibility to make Her smile with tributes and gifts. Thats is a lot of responsibility, don’t let Princess down!!


Mandy Loves Money


Just a Little Faggot is Princess Mandy’s new clip on iWantClips. She teases Her loser into cumming twice by following Her instructions. She said it was a game, I can only imagine what Her rules are.


you can get all Her clips $1 cheaper at Her iWantClips store! 


Datura DiVIne


Datura DiVine graced Her minions with another life changing clip. Trophy Hunter was posted to Her Clips4Sale store and She explains Her greed and how She loves to flaunt it in your face.


Goddess Lindsey


Goddess Lindsey updated Her iWantClips store with Her new clip Click Click and No Cum.


your money has never looked better than when it is in Her hand. Tribute Her everything and be thankful She lets you!



Mistress Victoria Reign


Mistress Victoria Reign was showing Her patriotism today and released 2 American themed clips on Clips4Sale. The first one is Have a Patriotic Smoke.


Her second clip is Salute My Ass and She knows exactly where you would be if you there. you would be on your knees kissing Her perfect American ass!

All Her clips are cheaper on iWantClips as well!


Lady Esme Faye

Repetition Compulsion GIF - Copy

The Repetition Compulsion is Lady Esme Faye’s new clip on Clips4Sale. She gets you mindlessly stroking while She teases you in Her little blue dress and long legs.



Mistress Kelly Sunshine


Mistress Kelly Sunshine looks so amazing in Her new clip on iWantClips Kinky Addictive Intox Play She teases Her loser into getting really intoxicated and then he is at Her mercy. Who knows what She has in store for him.


Mistress Kelly visited Detroit and met up with Her friend Mistress Morgan Chase. They did double Domme sessions on Skype and made losers so weak. They raped losers wallets all night.


Goddess Christina



Breathtaking Goddess Christina posted All you Need is Me, Her new clip in Her Clips4Sale store. Every piece of lingerie looks like it was made for Her body. All Her losers should be extremely grateful She makes clips and gives Her time for the cause of weakening men around the world.


Princess Ashley


Shrimp Dicked loser is Princess Ashley’s new clip on iWantClips. It features Bratty Nikki and the 2 look so hot as They make fun of your tiny dick.


These Two always look super hot together! Keep an eye out on both Their iWantClips stores for upcoming clips featuring the Two together.





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