Clip Review: Weak For Shiny – Featuring Goddess Christina

by Michael Smith
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The stunning Goddess Christina is taking the world of FinDom by storm with each and every one of her amazing clips almost immediately vaulting to become a Top Seller.  One glimpse of this perfect redheaded beauty and it’s easy to see just why.  From head to toe she is stunning perfection.  Her long red hair makes you weak as you watch her walk towards you in a sensational shiny silver dress that barely falls below her waist.  Her long legs have you on your knees ready to kiss her feet in an instant.  As she turns to let you see her exquisite ass and leans over to reveal her amazing breasts, you feel yourself falling deeper under Goddess Christina’s spell.  There’s no hope for recovery once your addiction begins.  She’s inside your head and she knows how weak her shiny perfect curves make you.


There is nothing she can’t make you do.  You are now completely defenseless against her seduction.  Kneel before your Goddess and admit your weakness.  Embrace your servitude to your new Owner. Give yourself, and your money, to your perfect deity.  Goddess Christina is a woman no man could ever resist.  She is built to seduce, made to tempt. Can you feel her luring you in deeper and deeper with every clip of hers you buy? Every clip she produces is a must buy, and this is no exception.  Personally, I find it impossible to name my favourite clip of Goddess Christina’s because each time she puts out a new one, my opinion changes.  This is a one of a kind Financial Seductress and you will find yourself visiting her clipstore to purchase this clip and filling your cart with as many as you can possibly afford.  Let your addiction take hold and ruin you.  Goddess Christina deserves anything she wants.  Give in to her.

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Clip Name: Weak For Shiny
Models In The Clip: Goddess Christina
Date Reviewed: May 22nd,2015
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $19.99

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